Intercept LAN Traffic with a Packet Squirrel [Tutorial]

August 1, 2020 by 46 Comments

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How to Use a Packet Squirrel to Capture LAN Traffic
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 178

A hacker and pentester has many tools in their arsenal. When a hack sometimes requires physical access to a device, one such tool that is particularly handy is the Hak5 Packet Squirrel. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you how a hacker would intercept a target’s LAN traffic using the Packet Squirrel.

Packet Squirrel:
Small battery:
Larger battery:
Micro-USB cable:
Small flash drive:

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46 Replies to “Intercept LAN Traffic with a Packet Squirrel [Tutorial]”

  1. Welcome back Mr! Greetings from Costa Rica 🇨🇷! Pura vida!

  2. NI24games NI says:

    He is back👌😎

  3. G. R says:

    So HTTP request and DNS request are up for grabs EVEN if they use a VPN?
    thanks. This was very educational. Love your channel dude!

  4. Karan Sharma says:

    The No Blinky man is back

  5. With this channel I'm gonna hack Obi-Wan

  6. Dave Gibson says:

    Hi, interesting article, bur you didn’t mention the need for management rights to switch/router and the ability of said switch to port mirror. Without port mirroring you will see broadcast traffic only.

  7. n says:

    😮 no blink guy's back

  8. Arun says:

    Imagine trying to hack this guy.

  9. Hammer Lord says:

    Make a discord

  10. Ese Seis says:

    You dont need that gadget.

  11. Mo7eB says:

    can i enable others router wps even if i am not connected ?

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    my master 🙏

  13. I missed you welcome back

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  15. TERA_ Hz says:

    Sooo, where is the squirrel

  16. you look like an expert in this field so asking u for help…vivo devices do not allow access to system using termux it says bash permission denied at last command… also theres no method to root vivo devices, neither magisk,kingoroot, or nothing… and in vivo mediatek devices we cannot even use emmc or adb fastboot tool for unlocking bootloader please help me to root my vivo y90

  17. Bogeyman says:

    Thank you, Kody. Glad you’re back!

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    I missed you

  19. Why aren't you verified yet??

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    Which operating system do u using ? It have nice GUI

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  23. vivid says:

    good to know he didnt leave

  24. Can you do a video on how to setup a LAN Turtle in C2 on a Windows 10 PC?

  25. Mike Lee says:

    In my neighborhood if you try and sniff my "packet squirrel" you get beat up!!

  26. Bro.. How to hack vpn procted network /Device bro any way for that I am from India I really loves your channel

  27. Res Res says:

    It would be absolutely awesome if you can make a video or tell us your suggestions about the best set up for portable Kali. For example, I have the Kali 2020 loaded on Pi 4 and works nicely, but i am looking for a portable monitor to go with it so I can carry it around but I am not convinced for a certain model. Any ideas from you would be great!

  28. Anab akhtar says:

    Return of K…Kody K

  29. m.nageh says:

    my dude where is the damn ESP viddddddddddddddddddddddd !

  30. could you use this to intercept smtp traffic? possibly from a mail client like outlook?

  31. He's not the one, this one blinks like normal blinks

  32. Boj MC says:

    Question from me are you the hacker Null who hacker the subreddit yandere Dev?

  33. you're a legend dude 😀

  34. Rᴀᴊᴇs says:

    Bro I want PDF Malware analysis video ,so pls make video for that pls.

  35. Hello, I love your channel but I have a few important questions which I really hope you’d answer because I need them. So I watched one of your videos where you’re using “grabify” and send links for people to click so you could track them! There was an option “tracking code” and “create URL” 1: What does tracking code do? Does it track someone’s device if they’re using like a phone? 2: if you click on the link can someone actually see everything on your device including your photos/camera roll/apps? 3: is it dangerous at all (I’m aware it leaks your address but anything else? Like photos/videos/apps? Thank you please answer me It’s urgent

  36. Cyber Av3s says:

    Hey man !
    I have a question to ask you
    Question : how can i send an image automatically from phone to phone with nearly detected phone automatically

  37. Zach's Edits says:

    PLEASE do a ss7 attack or SMS interception with a Hackrf One. I would love to see that

  38. John Tran says:

    How are you able to intercept the traffic on a switch port of the router w/o configuring mirroring traffic to the port the Packet Squirrel is connected on?

  39. The limitation mentioned @10:50 (ish) involving the need of getting back for the USB drive to get the data isn't really a limitation since you can use a Cloud C2 instance to exfiltrate the loot without touching the Packet Squirrel after it has been planted (like many other Hak5 devices such as the LAN Turtle, WiFi Pineapple, etc). The Packet Squirrel (and other Hak5 devices) can also act as a "bridge" for other non-Hak5 devices if you want to use the Cloud C2 loot gathering feature as a central spot for collected information. I have some scripts for the Raspberry Pi on my GitHub, but it's not really limited to the Raspberry Pi. I have scripts for the Onion Omega2 along with the NFC/RFID expansion as well which is working fine if you have some engagement that needs smaller and cheaper hardware than the Raspberry Pi to collect different kinds of data.

  40. can you do one of these with a lan turlte?

  41. Thanks for the content. One small suggestion: Can you turn off keyboard typing sound?
    Also, wouldn't a network TAP be more efficient and more versatile in capturing any type of data?

  42. owned says:

    Hey Null Byte, could you make a video on how to remotely access a LGTV?

  43. Bro I love ur content I don't know do you know if u watch that show Orphan Black . There is one dude there Looks like you .

  44. Georg says:

    What's the benefit of using this instead of just a spare laptop with a USB Ethernet dongle that supports promiscuous mode? Hooking up a laptop to a wall jack looks way less sketchy too.

  45. if all i want is to see what site a user is going to in my own network not really see the content but just the site that is going to , can i do that with just wireshark or do i need the squirrel as well?