Minecraft UHC but every 100 blocks you PLACE, you gain a level of KNOCKBACK.

August 8, 2020 by 26 Comments

Minecraft UHC but every 100 blocks you PLACE, you gain a level of KNOCKBACK.
Thanks for Watching! πŸ˜€ I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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26 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every 100 blocks you PLACE, you gain a level of KNOCKBACK.”

  1. This is not real minecraft

  2. Andres A says:

    Uhc idea: ever ore you mine you get a random potion affect

  3. Misconduxt says:

    comments are 3 days ago. b ut notif came 10minutes ago. wtf

  4. You should do a UHC where when you craft a golden apple you get a God Apple and when you craft a God Apple you get the best sword in the game so like a nether right sharpness 10 sword

  5. Lisa Weir says:

    Yo the battle part sounded so nostalgic, i heard bows getting show, people taking damage, items breaking, it sounded so good!

  6. Harry Keeler says:

    Minecraft UHC BUTTT there is mcmmo:)

  7. Picky says:

    tapl is it MINE or PLACE, make your mind

  8. Berdi2 says:

    UHC Idea: This Scenario + Skyhigh

  9. Leon Tan says:

    Lol baldboyhalo

  10. UHC Idea: the world slowly becomes lava from the bottom up so you need the high ground

  11. ewicool says:

    UHC cenario the more damage you Take the faster you are allowed to click.

  12. Dino Jr. says:

    One away from 69 knock back but no you have to trigger my humorous ocd

  13. Bald boy halo is a potato πŸ₯” LOL

  14. Jayden Game says:

    Grab a baldboyhalo
    -TapL 2020

  15. Hellium says:

    UHC Idea: Fall damage is lethal

  16. Fortnite players in this uhc: knockback 1,000

  17. TapL:grab a baldboyhalo
    Badboyhalo: angry

  18. UHC idea:tag
    A random player gets chosen,the guy have more heart and if a player killed him they get all his health (health last till last border)

  19. Luno stiemer says:

    Title: every 100 blocks you place
    intro: every 100 blocks you mine

  20. Trevor Eklof says:

    Has a knocknack 36 sword uses fishing rod

  21. Knock-Back, either you love it or hate it.

  22. Bbh is the "watch your profanity" meme in a nutshell

  23. Kgunn says:

    Should have made it sky high as well