Minecraft UHC but every time I take DAMAGE, everyone’s INVENTORY is CLEARED.

August 2, 2020 by 42 Comments

Minecraft UHC but every time I take DAMAGE, everyone’s INVENTORY is CLEARED.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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42 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every time I take DAMAGE, everyone’s INVENTORY is CLEARED.”

  1. “The truth is… the game was rigged from the start.”

  2. kubab says:

    Uhc idea: you win when the game starts

  3. i like being late, anyway the water-insta kills you is the worst. anyone agree?

  4. What if they are in a cave lol they will be stuck

  5. I die and going to take my items and take damage

  6. MrDum says:

    Two scenarios that could’ve happened
    Someone just finds diamonds then inventory gets cleared with the diamonds
    They find diamonds but the inventory is cleared so they have to get all the resources again

  7. 5:44 I call this instant karma

  8. Alan Diaz says:

    This is weird, he didnt do a stack of Crafting-tables

  9. Paul Hudson says:

    UHC Idea: Being in water gives you dolphins grace and lava gives you strength for 5 seconds. So its a sacrifice of health for strength

  10. R we gonna ignor that this was his first win

  11. Nobody talking about the person in chat at 3:02

  12. ZKD_Creator says:

    I like hoe they all were saying unsub it’s literally only a game and I don’t think he even cares 😂

  13. Rodane says:

    so bassicly if anyone fights you they die lmao

  14. I just lost a golden retriever
    -TapL 2020

  15. These are so unfair and unentertaining

  16. İ founds a diamond

    But TapL takes damage and clears my inventory

  17. Goosebag says:

    Is it me or there is some lag at the beginning ?

  18. Honsinar says:

    this is basically technoblade point of view

  19. yule chua says:

    look at the contrast between the two chats

  20. SpookySkyy says:

    TapL : takes damage IM SORRY EVERYONE!! continues to take damage .

  21. Evan Bice says:

    UHC but anytime someone heals random person takes damage

  22. Might Guy says:

    I hate how everyone is just stream sniping and he just doesn’t even care

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  24. Alex Aboujia says:

    5:47 when u get instant karma…

  25. Grab an instruction manual?????

  26. UHC idea: Everytime you get fire damage, everyone gets random stuff.

  27. Devin Sheats says:

    I love how someone said in chat said are first priority is to kill tapl even though if he takes damage all their inventory is deleted

  28. anthony tang says:

    this uhc was fair and unfair at the same time, but it was cool.

  29. Uhc but nothing is changed

  30. Diegrushoo says:

    5:14 can i get some stæk

  31. Chris TBT says:

    Edit: I like the mobs.