Minecraft UHC but everybody’s INVENTORY clears every MINUTE.

August 4, 2020 by 46 Comments

Minecraft UHC but everybody’s INVENTORY clears every MINUTE.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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46 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but everybody’s INVENTORY clears every MINUTE.”

  1. UHC: Every minute if you have a water bucket in your inventory you're dead

  2. Heroix says:

    wrong title?

  3. you should do UHC but everything drops random things

  4. nye says:

    No one:
    TapL: every video for 7 MONTHS STRAIGHT has the title: Minecraft uhc but…

  5. Jay Hay says:

    Uhc: everyone’s inventory is the same if you drop a sword everyone drops it if you make a sword everyone has one

  6. Cookie says:

    Uhc idea: you take damage if you stand still for too long. Maybe half a heart every 1.5 secs

  7. Heroix says:

    Tapl vs Dream manhunt on 1.8 and 1.16

  8. Idea: UHC but the only way to heal is to kill other players

  9. uhc but it rains all the time and the rain hurts you or it rains lava

  10. Firux says:

    UHC scenario: Normal minecraft but you take damage every time you mine a block

  11. Ocean Man says:

    Anyone else get annoyed at the countless "hi yt"

  12. NINTENDO BOY says:

    wow, that's my idea, thanks

  13. Anna Brobst says:

    UHC: Lava borders the map, and gets closer and closer like the border.

  14. Zephrnos says:

    7:50 Bloons monkey city flashbacks…

  15. Yogusbogus says:

    Minecraft UHC but you can't jump

  16. s.drxke says:

    The title doesn’t match the vid?.

  17. ikickyourash says:

    This UHD but instead of one item. A whole row or column at random gets cleared

  18. The one where the inventory got cleared every second was hard. It looked hard tho

  19. 4:50
    I better see that in Minecraft Royale’s next Luckiest Moments video

  20. Jakub Tylka says:

    Boss Fight UHC: Tapl gets op Stuff and needs to prepare otherwise(blocks, arrows, etc) until pvp where it’s Tapl vs. everyone else

  21. Ofek Ariel says:

    When Is The Texture Pack Relise?

  22. markeno6 says:

    UHC Idea: UHC, but you can only be killed by players(If you die of for example of fall damage you respawn)

  23. Ezgi Döm says:

    How is he not at 1mill? Like,,,,,, new vids every day? imo he’s wayyy too underrated

  24. The 0racle says:

    this scenario but with backpacks

  25. Syyrus says:

    do a randomizer uhc

  26. Person says:

    He did the exact same UHC 3 months ago

    This is not original

  27. Dude is scraping for content

  28. Salteen says:

    Anyone know the song at 13:13?
    It's a good song 😀

  29. Blu Gust says:

    Harvey has gone mad.

  30. UHC idea: "The Floor is Lava," where, after pvp, the whole map is turned into lava, so that everyone is forced to skybase with the deadly ground below

  31. UHC idea: You can’t leave the water or you slowly die

  32. NotTalon says:

    What’s ur texture packs lol

  33. UHC scenario: water world!
    Every thing is water. stone, dirt, sand all water. You get high underwater related enchantment, like depth strider 10, the zero zero would be completely water

  34. Groudon says:

    I swear diamonds only come in veins of 3 – 8. So uh, unless its dif for your server

  35. litcore says:

    UHC: Uhc but it's 1.16.1 with the nether on.

  36. 15:49 you sound like an angry mexican

  37. Shrek says:

    The target UHC: Tapl has full netherite with max enchantments on his armour weapons and bow and rod and everyone else has to kill him

  38. Do a uhc but if you die you will explode as a charged creeper.

  39. Karma Queen says:

    It was my birthday but i didn't notice this video was on it

  40. Jäger -_- says:

    I'm 1000th comment

  41. This dude laughs out LOUD

  42. Oprea David says:

    Why the hell did you hold back against Pilly

  43. Dani Slot says:

    2:43 looks like a Metin 2 inventory..

  44. I just realized the title is literally almost the same as the Pocket Janitor UHC from 7 months ago.