Minecraft UHC but everybody’s inventory CLEARS every SECOND.

August 3, 2020 by 34 Comments

Minecraft UHC but your inventory CLEARS every SECOND.
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34 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but everybody’s inventory CLEARS every SECOND.”

  1. Kyle ] says:

    Uhc but youโ€™ve ran out of ideas

  2. Minecraft UHC but every second a random person dies

  3. Chrome Lite says:

    UHC idea: every time somebody walks 100 blocks a random item pops up in their inventory

  4. Jeremiah D says:

    uhc but in the ocean

  5. HeyItsDamien says:

    i would love to see this scen combined with the one slot scen

  6. Alpha Wolf says:

    UHC but you can only heal if you eat other players.

  7. Jetty o says:

    Gone, reduced to atoms

  8. Cassidity says:

    Shawty got them TapL bottom jeans, boots with the fur…

  9. Piffin says:

    UHC but you cant make wooden tools

  10. UHC, but there is only one giant tree at 00.

  11. Natalie Page says:

    I think this is the only UHC that Harvey has not placed top 100

  12. Blobby says:

    I liked the part where he didn't have anything

  13. RussBlayt says:

    Uhc with no cutclean

  14. That one guy doe
    โ€œI like to eat butterโ€

  15. Admin Abuse UHC Idea: Every minute, a random person in the game is temporarily op-ed.

  16. Pain portrayed in one video

  17. Exojahblade says:

    UHC: If you take damage your inventory is wiped and its always night time and mobs spawn like crazy and have a larger aggro radius

    and when pvp is enabled all players with no armor die instantly for no reason

  18. This UHC is literally just everyone naked punching each other.

  19. UHC idea: Every 5 minutes a random person has 50 zombies spawn on top of them to attack them. No one would be safe, so everyone is running around to get tools to hopefully take minimum damage from the zombies

  20. Fitch Gamer says:

    Uhc idea: every time someone jumps, everyone jumps

  21. Jacob Hall says:

    Alternate Title: TapL screaming at himself for 16 minutes straight

  22. 11cookeaw1 says:

    UHC idea: snowballs are explosive.

  23. At 0, 0 you should make it to where only animals are there and nowhere else

  24. All your life choices lead to you seeing this comment might as well subscribe

  25. Out of all these comments you found mine might as well subscribe

  26. Random Cuh says:

    you could just use half your planks for sticks, then put the sticks back in the crafting bench without exiting it. you didnโ€™t need to throw it back out

  27. Eric Hsu says:

    UHC idea: the person that does the most damage dies every minute

  28. Uhc Idea One Punch: You can't mine anything but punches are a insta kill.

  29. zTazed says:

    day 2 of wondering why people put uhc ideas in the comments when they will usually never be seen

  30. S4N1T03T3R says:

    i have a UHC idea: Minecraft UHC but TapL doesn't close the border like a maniac as soon as he dies.

  31. Jace Alamina says:

    My mom when I don't study for 100000 hours with no rest : 7:10

  32. Someone says:

    You can make leather armor if you are fast enough right?