Minecraft UHC but for every player you ELIMINATE, you steal their entire INVENTORY…

August 9, 2020 by 36 Comments

Minecraft UHC but for every player you ELIMINATE, you steal their entire INVENTORY…
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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36 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but for every player you ELIMINATE, you steal their entire INVENTORY…”

  1. Krazblox says:

    This is the one UHC where full diamonds are scared of Torch Boys

  2. "don't talk about it"- sparklyemeralds, 2020

  3. herbwilde says:

    this is like a roblox arsenal uhc

  4. hackcr1258 says:

    Why don’t people camp at spawn naked lol

  5. C says:

    He guy who stole TapL's stuff killed him. Why did he take his stuff, and THEN kill him? He had to have known that TapL didn't have anything good on him.

  6. Ruse Plays says:

    Snail UHC: Your attacking speed and movement speed is 2 times slower

  7. Bedzey says:

    What texture pack do u use?

  8. Taly says:

    Minecraft UHC but border EXPEND…

  9. 2002jmf says:

    Copycat+: If you hit another player or they hit you, your inventories swap

  10. Eco270 says:

    UHC idea- all blocks act like soul sand except maybe obsidian slow game but might be funny to see

  11. Ro Gaming says:

    Every time he says a useless item
    Grab some snacks and water, grab a useless item
    I learned this from the fletching table.

  12. Aaron Norber says:

    You should combine this and the one where if you have the least kills you die every minute

  13. Thanlords says:

    can someone link his texture pack for version 1.16.2?

  14. Jameson Iris says:

    UHC Idea: There is a singular and huge tree at 0,0 PLUS a random item is taken from your inventory.

  15. JuicePouch says:

    where do i find your texture pack

  16. SkellyEnder says:

    Imagine if this was fruit

  17. Yo Mama says:

    Uhc except every Block you mine you switch load outs

  18. idk if this will work but.. UHC idea: every minute or 5 minutes a natural disaster will happen and the more people that die, the worse it gets.

  19. O mah goy says:

    Uhc idea: when someone takes damage, they swap places with a random player

  20. BoxBoi says:

    whats stopping ppl from not having armor so no one kills them

  21. Breadloaf says:

    you could finish them off with lava of yeeting them off a cliff

  22. Actually people can take adventages when pvp on people can have nothing and when you kill them you get niothing

  23. Noah Devji says:

    UHC but there’s modded armour and weapons

  24. ewicool says:

    UHC cenario the more damage you Take the faster you are allowed to click.

  25. Months of asking:
    CAT UHC:
    •9 lives
    •no fall damage (always lands on feet)
    •speed and jump boost
    •all mobs are cats

  26. Lechuga 2x says:

    Minecract UHC: Enchanted golden apple's can be crafted

  27. Marcus Raps says:


  28. What texture pack does he use

  29. Weasel God says:

    This material pack is so special

  30. go nk says:

    .Minecraft uhc but PvP is always on

  31. Some1__ says:

    TapL complains about how hard it is to stream because of stream snipers

    Me who doesn’t watch the stream when I play

    It ain’t much but it’s honest work

  32. How do win be naked and use an ender chest with ur good stuff or don’t wear armour

  33. First you are the best youtuber and where do i get the Texture Pack

  34. LC Skyblox says:

    full iron or no armor are maybe good strats

  35. shapeshifter says:

    Lol,UHC but you become the person you kill