Minecraft UHC but if you’re on FIRE, you’re ITEMS get BURNED.

August 1, 2020 by 28 Comments

Minecraft UHC but every time you’re on FIRE, a random ITEM in your inventory gets BURNED.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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28 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but if you’re on FIRE, you’re ITEMS get BURNED.”

  1. Uhh but it’s normal

  2. Mr Elliot says:

    Gobblestone UHC: cobblestone can be used as healing

  3. ewicool says:

    UHC cenario the more damage you Take the faster you are allowed to click.

  4. Johann Boi says:

    It would be funnier if your armour turned into black stained leather armour

  5. phong 29 says:

    What happen of someone have Fire Aspect?

  6. i have an idea, what about a vampirism uhc?
    for every hit u land on someome, u regen a tiny part of ur health
    luv ur vids tapl

  7. Peter Smythe says:

    If someone gets a flame bow…

  8. Adi Tashu says:

    Minecraft UHC but every time i take damage I get slowness but after PVP everytime i take damage i gain a level of speed

  9. Donkey Is me says:

    9:24 he said nice to 69 nice

  10. PandA says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that he continues to jump and hit a block in the intro? just me? ok.

  11. Minecraft says:

    u should of used a flame bow

  12. More Girl says:

    UHC but if someone pick(craft) something tapl(a random player) get a copy

  13. salty zeb says:

    8:24 watch in x0.25 and you can see diamonds fall in lava lol

  14. Imagine combining this scenario with the deadly water scenario.

  15. tell me why I said grab a mortgage for the intro??


  16. 9:26 we both said "Nice" at the same time lmao

  17. Chicken Blob says:

    edit the title please 🙂

  18. Jezzibolt says:

    Ah yes, “Santa”. I’m concerned for what your Christmas mornings look like, Harvey. XD

  19. Blazez_gamez says:

    when you notice the chest plate isnt enchanted ;-;

  20. You are items get burned

    We can grammar good here

  21. Pigismal says:

    Flame bow would be OP in this…

  22. When he said “I’m Santa and you know what he does” I was expecting “giving everyone coal”… not trap kids lol