Minecraft UHC but the more ITEMS you get, the less HEARTS you have.

August 25, 2020 by 39 Comments

Minecraft UHC but the more ITEMS you get, the less HEARTS you have.
Thanks for Watching! πŸ˜€ I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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39 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but the more ITEMS you get, the less HEARTS you have.”

  1. UHC idea: the more xp levels you have, the higher level of fortune you have on your pickaxe

  2. Ryan Mo says:

    I like how TapL added rip trash 2020

  3. Rizky HS says:

    UHC: minecraft uhc but everyone can't craft any tool.

  4. UHC SCenario: would stripping logs work? you get sharpness after stripping 10 blocks with a axe

  5. Infinity says:

    Uhc idea: every time TapL get a block the rest of the players lose a block

  6. HypePlax says:

    UHC but zombie apocalypse

  7. shimmo! says:

    Uhc scenario: meet-up starts immediately

  8. uhc idea: enable natural regeneration but not the saturation regeneration

  9. Euf RP says:

    Tapple videos look so weird without the texture pack

  10. Phec Games says:

    First time I see Tapl with the default resource pack lol

  11. UHC but the more items you have, the slower you get.

  12. Minecraft UHC but the more block you walk the faster you are.

  13. wizone says:

    7:32 tapl said stan loona

  14. Sunken Super says:

    UHC idea: every 100 blocks you place you gain a level of slowness (no skybases πŸ™‚ ) Day 8

  15. FasGamer112 says:

    Marathon UHC: every 250 blocks you run you get a level of speed

  16. B l u e says:

    I’m in the video πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜Œ

  17. Kenny Adams says:

    Aww god my brain on that intro

  18. Andy says:

    uhc scenario where the only form of PvP is suffocation, lava, etc, PvP off

  19. Scrudgie says:

    14:12 you can thank me later

  20. Loadin. _ya says:

    Okay but the intro was hot

  21. What's the outro song?

  22. Dark_Moth7 says:

    Just a thought but couldn't you get some items from your inventory into your hotbar if you're being chased and then throw said random items out behind you as a way of blocking the chasers path sightly. Sure you can place blocks to get over them and you can use water to flush them out the way but I still think it's and idea for some people to use in a scenario like this nonetheless.

  23. Sat says:

    Minecraft uhc: but its normal without any screnio

  24. UHC idea leather armour is better than diamond armour and a wood sword is better than a diamond sword

  25. Reduxius says:

    Imagine if someone just threw a bunch of wooden swords to lower their max hp lol

  26. NickMortuus says:

    Diamonds are forever

  27. AxeYT says:

    TapL: ahh eeh

  28. Mr. RMC says:

    I died in that Uhc

  29. Ironic you spare palm and palm wouldent spare you.. :/

  30. David Bush says:

    This is the closest to a carry weight system I've seen in mc I think its cool

  31. What is your pack name?

  32. cant update the server to a more current version? or 1.8 it works better for pvp?

  33. The shut equipment affectively hop because sudan clinically discover apropos a plucky waiter. tired, knotty mailbox

  34. 2:59 thats my disk storage space in a nutshell

  35. 14:29 anyone else see that arrow just get deflected?

  36. Has he done the more kills = less hearts thing?