Minecraft UHC but the more you EAT, the SLOWER you become.

August 11, 2020 by 32 Comments

Minecraft UHC but the more you EAT, the SLOWER you become.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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32 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but the more you EAT, the SLOWER you become.”

  1. ,0, The player with the least amount of blocks, dies at random times.

    The player that has least amount of gold dies every

    everytime a player dies, everyone gets x1 speed, or slowness randomly

  2. Matthew Gold says:

    6:38 moment of true heart and vigor

  3. Eri says:

    Obesity intensifies

  4. Xse BOSZ says:

    Every time you eat gapp you will get teleported at y:200

  5. TapL help I grabbed skimmed milk but it went right between my fingers

  6. What's funny meat don't slow you down at all..

  7. I think youtube is spying on me

  8. UHC but who ever has the least diamond hoes is killed every minutes

  9. JonahPlays says:

    You don’t have a teammate much in uhc

  10. Black Ops says:

    Just drink milk

  11. Mr rabbit says:

    Lol the fater you get is the slower you get

  12. Yo you are so good at Minecraft you are a lot better than me

  13. X4 clan says:

    I don’t think you have enough crafting tables

  14. I want more Rahill teaming with TapL.

  15. IDEA : Minecraft UHC but when you eat you get wither effect for 10 seconds……….
    : ) pls pick my idea. : ) ( :

  16. how did he not think to drink milk???

  17. OC_ Asaph says:

    The first time ever seeing tapl actually winning

  18. Riley O'Shea says:

    What texture pack is he using? Someone pls I really want it

  19. krusont says:

    “Unsub you for no reason” r/quityourbullsh!t in a nutshell

  20. Pie Sauce says:

    Kelldeo has killaura on the very last fight lmaooo. start at 21:02 and play at .25 playback speed

  21. Arseni Leon says:

    Fat mode activating.

  22. Cat King says:

    Every normal person: *Watches this normally*
    Me: *Watches this through my VR headset*

  23. M M says:


  24. TapL says the n word at 4:31

  25. Cleito says:

    eu vi alguem do chat da live dele fala São Paulo

  26. Hadley Vlogs says:

    do one where diamonds are useless and its replaced for emrlad armor Ect

  27. I tried this with my sis

  28. Rock Room says:

    Why does his teammate sound EXACTLY like dream