Minecraft UHC but the STRONGER your armor is, the SLOWER you become.

August 28, 2020 by 29 Comments

Minecraft UHC but the STRONGER your armor is, the SLOWER you become.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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29 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but the STRONGER your armor is, the SLOWER you become.”

  1. Baby Bean says:

    Mister slow man~
    Slow me a slow,
    With all this armor, where should I even go..?

  2. KPo says:

    So realistic armor (cause armor is usually heavy)

  3. Mc uhc but the stronger your armor (material or enchantments) the weaker your sword is (or player gets weakness) and viceversa

  4. You should do Minecraft but lava spawns around you any time you jump


  6. CoinFish says:


    Me: mega mind

  7. Orley Weaver says:

    Lol 1.34k person to comment

  8. LC Skyblox says:

    this is real life in a nut shell and say helo to prot 4 iron with umbreaking 31415826535897932384626 and also a headhitter trap would be noice for the full irons so the full diamonds are trapped and if the top is obby and the botten in thin with lava balow them then they are chackmated, either take off armor, mine obby and get destroyed or fall intpo lava

  9. opticyclic says:

    UHC but RAHILL has weakness!

  10. Minecraft uhc but your FOV is constantly changing

  11. If you are paused look at the chat at 5:15

  12. SoulSaege says:

    3:50 did he miss a diamond in the ceiling?

  13. UHC: But it's in the nether.

  14. Tynado says:

    Juggernaut mode

  15. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  16. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  17. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  18. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  19. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  20. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  21. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  22. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  23. t̶͖̎r̴̥̓ũ̸̖l̷̻̾ÿ̷̘́ ̶̤͐ḏ̴̋i̶͖̚s̸̯̔g̸̬̊u̴͇̓s̸̰͐t̶̨͝i̴̗͋n̷̻̐ǧ̵͙

  24. Minecraft UHC but the more kills you get the stronger your armor becomes