Minecraft UHC but you are unable to BREAK or PLACE blocks when PvP enables.

August 29, 2020 by 31 Comments

Minecraft UHC but you are unable to BREAK or PLACE blocks when PvP enables.
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31 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you are unable to BREAK or PLACE blocks when PvP enables.”

  1. Surgeplus says:

    Minecraft UHC, but all knockback effects are disabled (so rods are useless except for wearing down durability)

  2. ItsAshton says:

    UHC but you cant break or place blocks, that just seems like survival games with extra steps

  3. i miss ur normal texture pack…

  4. JPrr says:

    Uhc but every thing is reversed (litt every thing)

  5. delimiter says:

    Skybase:"Allow to introduce myself"

  6. UHC but floor is Lava!
    Lava rises every minutes, lava starts at the Y:0 at stops when all are dead.

  7. can we all just appreciate how good his audio quality has gotten in the past year

  8. Minecraft uhh but you can only place block above a certain y level

  9. Zombie Sazza says:

    Was Rorb just trying to see if he could catch the octopus with his rod?

  10. Alternative title: Minecraft uhc but speedruninh

  11. Uhc, but after pvp you cannot pick up items

  12. kalajel says:

    Australia? That's where Adolf Hitler came from, right?

  13. how’d this get so little views tf?

  14. 7:18 youtuber blindness has caused this once eagle-eyed man to not observe repeated warnings by his staff that he is invisible.

  15. Fen says:


  16. The second you said eeew to the uwu made me happy

  17. should have said your intro in reverse too lmao

  18. Kaylee Field says:

    Go and watch 12:46, he said “he” and then corrected himself and said “they”. That is so cute and sweet 😊

  19. Alex Sanders says:

    How do u have less subs than skeppy

  20. Plocate says:

    I loved this reverse intro

  21. Grieg Ichim says:

    I got so confused in the reverse intro lol

  22. Me Before 20 second pvp enables:
    Go to 0,0 trap yourself with blocks.
    A few monents later:

  23. UHC but every minute somebody is revived

  24. Brandon Chow says:

    Skybasers have been disabled XD