Minecraft UHC but you are unable to HEAL.

August 7, 2020 by 50 Comments

Minecraft UHC but you are unable to HEAL.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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50 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you are unable to HEAL.”

  1. Alexis says:

    Lol I was skateboarding when he said grab a skateboard

  2. Emery Genga says:

    No one:
    TapL: "Gold buckets"

  3. TARDIS. cz says:

    Minecraft UHC but the natural regeneration is on

  4. How can i download your resource pack ?

  5. We enjoy your content regardless of how well you play! Your commentary is fantastic and you just have an alluring personality. I'm sorry you feel like you have a lot of pressure to do good in your UHCs
    We love you Harvey ♥️

  6. Diego Silva says:

    UHC. Every 100 times you jump, you get a level of slowness

  7. Ily tapl don't stress out too much qwq

  8. vict_r says:

    This is just pig jousting with extra steps

  9. Hey tapl, don't be so hard on yourself. Your videos give me joy and that's all that matter

  10. Epicnoob136 says:

    Alternate name:
    Uhc but i rage the entire vidio about lava

  11. Darkenstyle says:

    Uhc but unable to heal + the least health die every minutes

  12. sam says:

    healzone: there aren't any gaps but theres a circle at 0,0 where you regen

  13. Ezanplayz says:

    Tapl: water water I'm ian lava
    Water bucket in his inventory: Uhh hello! I'm right here
    Tapl: still doesn't realize he has ans water bucket

  14. NetTart says:

    18:38 damn tapl really be having trauma from his past life

  15. Brian Campos says:

    I watched this for nothing for this

  16. Why don't you eat some steak you stupid

  17. Nexus says:

    I think in this UHC the golden apples should be called usless apples

  18. How bout COMBINING UHCS

  19. Minecraft UHC but it's NORMAL?

  20. UHC but you can't craft golden apples and armor

  21. Erin Murphy says:

    UHC idea😜: for every 10 blocks you mine, you have 50% chance to gain health if you have taken damage, and have a 50% chance of losing a random amount of health

  22. Jacko says:

    why was your inventory full of gapples if you knew you can't even eat them

  23. Rryguy says:

    Uhc but the person who has taken the least damage is eliminated every minute

  24. Chev says:

    entire chat: HI YT,

    Havenwastak in 3:12 : does anyone like to fill a tub with noodles and pretend to be a meatball?

  25. Maddy says:

    Lol if I was in your position in that, I would have zero clue of what to do

  26. Torin Pena says:

    Gold Galore: All/most stone is replaced with gold ore.

    Imagine that with this scenario.

  27. Gold tools? Are you really trying to trigger us?

  28. Suman Batra says:

    Minecraft UHC but the border never shrinks+ deadly water+ PvP instantly starts

  29. Memertarian says:

    Rosland Capital: 🙁

  30. Could you heal from healing
    potions from witches

  31. pentekimi says:

    uhc idea: uhc but you are unable to heal but also you start with 100 hearts

  32. pentekimi says:

    pro tip: you can search for gappples in the stronghold

  33. 4BLD says:

    First Minecraft UHC but… intro 😀

  34. joao pedro says:

    Minecraft UHC but there's life leech.
    Idea from Brawl Stars.
    You lose health slowly, hitting other players regenerate your health and killing players heals you to full health.
    This activates when PvP activates.

  35. Alternative title: minecraft uhc, but you can't watch on twitch unless you say hi YouTube in the twitch chat

  36. everyone in the twitch chat asking why he doesnt eat a gapple is causing me internal pain

  37. Tori Qhu says:

    you should do a UHC where you can only make gold weapons and armor

  38. Zeam09 says:

    He could use gold carrots????

  39. Ghouls says:

    What texture pack is that?

  40. Mest Hisashi says:

    You've convinced me, Mr. TapL. After watching quite a few of your videos — I shall finally subscribe. Good job! Just do what you want to do and do what you love. People whom comment rude things both on YT and Twitch aren't worth your time. You're an amazing content creator 🙂

  41. you don't heal + invintory + get fully healed when kill player? like please i want him to see this.

  42. First Last says:

    16:05 i know this is old, but the fact that you're willing to not be the "best" player is half of the appeal of these UHC videos to me. i don't want to watch an expert crush noobs over and over again. i like your videos because there is a significant risk of losing despite your skill, and because you're a good sport regardless of the results, and spectate the final matchups for the viewers when you lose.

    from my impression of you, you're a good server host who just wants their players to have a good time, which makes me respect you a lot more than some egomaniac player who expects to win all the time.

  43. GameLord says:

    When golden apples get disabled. Notch Apples: Its showtime…

  44. uynaes says:


  45. tapL : "gold is useless"
    Ein: "WHAT????!!?!"


  46. Umarro says:

    he's so good with voices