Minecraft UHC but you take DAMAGE every time you throw ANYTHING.

August 24, 2020 by 33 Comments

Minecraft UHC but you take DAMAGE every time you throw ANYTHING.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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33 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you take DAMAGE every time you throw ANYTHING.”

  1. UHC Idea

    You Take half your health every minute

  2. UHC, but projectiles hurt but the only way you can do damage is with projectiles

  3. thegoat4752 says:

    can some tell me how to play that type of uhc survival gamemode

  4. thegoat4752 says:

    are you playing on your sever

  5. Axiquis says:

    Life leaching uhc: every time a player damages another player, the attacker gets half of what they dealt to the other player and all other healing options are useless.

    (I’m not sure if you did this one yet but you probably didn’t)

  6. R D S says:

    Idea :
    Stop hitting yourself UHC :
    If you deal any damage to other people, the damage gets redirected to yourself.

  7. MMH 21 says:

    Possibly his best team game i've ever seen

  8. Memeyy says:

    The perfect video doesn't exi-

  9. Uhc but it's on 1.16

  10. Minecraft UHC but you take DAMAGE every time you throw ANYTHING and you can only move with ender pearl.
    would be a fine combination XD

  11. Cr4zyC4t says:

    Here's Jhonny scenario: Axes have sharpness 5 on them

  12. Hydro Hydra says:

    I lov how he pronounces it meele instead of melay

  13. Yoiche kun says:

    Close to 1M tapl

  14. Power Gamer says:

    UHC idea you take damage when you throw something😂☺️

  15. Why is he not using his texture pack

  16. minecraft uhc but anytime you take damage, the person closest to you takes double

  17. Tanjorel says:

    UHC idea: you take damage every time you mine a block, but you gain an extra heart if you mine an ore.

  18. Lmao someone made a lava cast, you should make a 2b2t UHC (hacks allowed) at some point

  19. NicIsaac says:

    Next time, same idea, but even dropping your items deals damage

  20. Hydro Hydra says:

    Is he grapeapplesauce

  21. Enr1que says:

    R.I.P Tapl texture pack

  22. SeraphimTear says:

    Nightmare UHC – its always night, mobs start when you do but they're all invisible, mob spawn rate is three times as high as normal with random spawners scattered about

  23. Uhc idea: minecraft uhc but all the ores are in the sky

  24. Idea:uhc but everytime you break gold a gold ore YOU DIE

  25. Noone:
    6stringmaster: tapl please win
    TapL: Oh my GOD, what an IDEA!

  26. vazzyFN says:

    2019: stay away from sick people

    2020: stay away from people

  27. 23:08 61 and 37 on healing owo

  28. Para0234 says:

    Minecraft UHC but you take DAMAGE every time you DROP ANYTHING!

    That would be funnier.

  29. Ligma Balls says:

    What's the music fro. 21:14 to 22:18

  30. Surviving says:

    All watter is lava UHC

  31. Dejqn says:

    Minecraft UHC but people can take stuff out of everyone’s inventory. 🤷

  32. Minecraft uhc but homing arrows exists

  33. MultiGERmann says:

    UHC: every time you get hurt, you gain additional max life of the same amount.