Minecraft UHC but you’re unable to WALK.

August 15, 2020 by 49 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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49 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you’re unable to WALK.”

  1. the tech man says:

    Minecraft uhc but every time you get a kill someone you get the potion effects of the turtle master potion or amplified effects of it

  2. Someone in the chat said "If you see this type 69 in the comments" so 69 for that person

  3. Inferno says:

    TapL: ik what kind of game this is now
    a few seconds later…

  4. Ben Ma says:

    Can't you just get a saddle and pig. And let it ride for you so you don't have to walk? also, the carrot on a stick will make then pig walk for you

  5. if you cant walk then you could run…

  6. Kai To says:

    Hello twitch 😀

  7. Kai To says:


  8. Hetav Pandya says:

    3:02 He did not see that stack there below the tree on top right corner

  9. Rig* 3619 says:

    TapL: I lost the stack
    3:00-Theres a stack of pearls on the floor and he didn't see it lmao

  10. This X Extreme sky-high

  11. StickStep says:

    <Accidentally looked at the chat>
    stopstopstopstopstopstopstop WAT??

    Wait, WAT?!

    K-391, WHERE'S ALAN, WTF?!


    IS HE ALSO ADMIN???!!!!

  12. I big brain use trapdoor

  13. 3:01 The Pearls are in The Top Left Bruh…

  14. ` says:

    You guys will become sentry guns

  15. You're basically endermen

  16. *teleports behind you

    "Nothing personal kid".

  17. Hex Tron says:

    Again make this one.

  18. ORCA WARRIOR says:

    3:00 under the tree
    R u blind

  19. Clonkers Btb says:

    Why does he need redstone?

  20. 3:00 the stack was right there! on the top left of the screen

  21. Who actually grabs everything that he says to grab? Like if you do.

  22. Jyoti Shinde says:

    3:01 there were pearls on top left

  23. EX1LED-GH0ST says:

    i want to see tapl do a uhc where its only third person but in reverse

  24. 陳宥宥 says:

    Don’t you take damage when you pearl?

  25. Guxxtxvoo says:

    Me looking at the chat:
    Chat: Hii yt
    Me on yt comments: hello chat

  26. can you make a UHC but a random player dies every 60 seconds

  27. you can use boots, water buckets, knockback….
    pearls with no damage is just moving with tank controls

  28. Exo says:

    Just jump + sprint

  29. Anime Lover says:

    Use water boi water it flows so it can move you

  30. Tye Collins says:


    TapL: OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!


  31. Uhc but water damage you like lava

  32. Inkling05 says:

    Im gonna get fat if i have to grab some snacks and water every time i watch these

  33. JoLicorice says:

    why go to the surface before meetup?just let them be worn down

  34. At 3:01 you can actually see the stack of peals that he were looking for under the tree..

  35. Virginia Lao says:

    TapL: *dOeSn’T eVeN cArE aBoUt ThE sTaCk Of EnDeRpEaRlS aNd CaSuAlLy UsEs ThEm*

  36. MAxX _ says:

    T heck xD why didnt yah see the stack whot??????

  37. Kent Pham says:

    Could’ve used a boat there

  38. Lone says:

    3:01 top left, missed the pearls

  39. Alternative title: Enderman simulator