Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.16.1) – August 2020

August 2, 2020 by 49 Comments

Here are my top 10 Minecraft mods for 1.16.1, August 2020! There are some great ones here, so enjoy!

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Fishing Real –

Artifacts –

Dynamic Sound Filters –

Storage Overhaul –

Plant In A Jar –

Portality –

Enhanced Mushrooms –

PrimalWinter –

The Undergarden –

Oh The Biomes You’ll Go –


Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –



Oshóva – Vast Chant –


49 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.16.1) – August 2020”

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  2. toompy floyd says:

    you've got my sub fella, i appreciate that you keep it clean so my little brothers can watch:)

  3. Jay Hill says:

    you should try out the mod Mystic’s Biomes teehee.
    the person who is making it is super totally cool and definitely not me 😉 it’s 1.15.2 for now

  4. Bee Dolphin doesn't exist it can't hu…. WHat THe fUCK iS tHaT 0:00

  5. Sonss says:

    bruh, i'm trying to install the primal winter mod and it says "Primal Winter Has Failed to load correctly", how do i fix this problem? i haven't had it before. (edit: I'm also using forge, if that helps)

  6. I'm not creator of this mod but I really want to see it on one of your videos! It's called ''Better Weather''. It don't add too many weathers (only 2) but it's great mod!

  7. slim shady says:

    the attacking chest one got me

  8. Question to use the mods you need forge?? Bc i dont know how to download forge for 1.16.1

  9. We need a twitch pack with this

  10. KBOC says:

    how do you get minecraft 1.6.1 work with forge and optifine? i've installed them bothe and optiforge but there is like an invisible border where chunks dont load

  11. Can you add Mods for Android Too….those for doesn't have PC pls

  12. Jason Markle says:

    Mimic from terria which is the chest mimic

  13. Crazyiness says:

    The background on the start confuses me

  14. Grey GarTM says:

    Other possible title for Primal Winter: "Winter mode: Extended"

  15. why when i put my undergarden jar file in the mods folder for forge it does not show up

  16. Evelyn Ha says:

    Could you maybe create a video on how to install mods, I never really new how, TvT it would be really helpful

  17. That jumped scared me…0:48

  18. G . O . F says:

    You always do something bad with animals 😡

  19. I'm way behind the times for modding, I'm so glad videos like this exist to help find some! Loving it <3

  20. BLxzzy L2 says:

    Mimic aka nether star ifykyk

  21. is there a link to the mods?

  22. Why does this man freaking ALWAYS have a single kind of mob, like, mass spawning behind him in the intros?

  23. Biggest Boss says:

    >3 minute video

    Based and block-pilled.

  24. (chest attacks him) me AHHH IS A MONSTER CHEST OF MONSTERS (I love Harry Potter)

  25. 5go says:

    hi great video you should get more views

  26. iAmConfusion says:

    Dude that obsidian skull is from terraria!

  27. Ozty says:

    no matter what i do, wehen i download a mod (i have forge 1.16.3 and make sure all the mods i try out are the same version) it wont load the game and gives me an error 🙁

  28. Damn, those Bees can LIFT.

  29. can you do a video on the portality and storage overhaul on how to link the portals.. and how to make a tier 2 and 3 barrel/chest..

  30. Gabz_Carelse says:

    Who else died inside when that chest jumped out at him

  31. Nameless 261 says:

    I'm thinking of installing the VIC's modern warfare mod, can I run the mod in a 1.16.3 version in the game?

  32. Aidenthekid says:

    Unique items

    Shows the obsidian skull from terraria

  33. Are all the mods in your video fabric? Or forge? Or a mix of both?

  34. Stephen b says:

    is that an ender hulk?

  35. can u do a top 10 scariest mods for minecraft please 🙂

  36. Seeing that mimic chest just reminded me of a terraria mimic way too much

  37. Ultra Blaze says:

    I would subscrbe and be your supporter if you change your skin , its like illuminati

  38. najy says:

    are those bees carrying dolphins?

  39. mimic chest scared the fuck out of me

  40. Kevor Davis says:

    I was the one that like your videos it helps me a lot can I get the a account please 🤗🥰

  41. Kevor Davis says:

    I watch your videos everyday