Top 12 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Lost Trinkets, Netherite Shulkers, Platypuses and More!

August 30, 2020 by 20 Comments

A dozen more top-notch mods for Minecraft.
The mods include Mr. Pineapple’s Food Mod, Lost Trinkets, Netherite, Shulkers, Recently Used, Brazier, Colorful Campfire, Carpet Stairs Mod, BackSlot, Rosy’s Placeable Items, Ender Tendril, Thatched Villages, and Platypuses.

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
1:04 Mr. Pineapple’s Food Mod
1:53 Lost Trinkets
2:27 Netherite Shulkers
2:48 Recently Used
3:12 Brazier
4:20 Colorful Campfire
4:47 Carpet Stairs Mod
5:06 BackSlot
5:24 Rosy’s Placeable Items
6:01 Ender Tendril
6:36 Thatched Villages
7:00 Platypuses
7:36 Outro
8:04 Message For Those Who Got The Modpack

Mr. Pineapple’s Food Mod:

Lost Trinkets:

Netherite Shulkers:

Recently Used:


Colorful Campfire:

Carpet Stairs Mod:


Rosy’s Placeable Items:

Ender Tendril:

Thatched Villages:


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20 Replies to “Top 12 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Lost Trinkets, Netherite Shulkers, Platypuses and More!”

  1. Boodlyneck says:

    I messed up the text for the version of the Platypuses mod. It's a Forge 1.16.1 mod.

  2. kazi mon says:

    Show a mod like Minecraft 1.17

  3. I subscribe!!!! Shout out pweasse!!

  4. ReiderGuy says:

    What? The Platypus? PERRY THE PLATYPUS?

  5. The Traveler says:

    “A mage similar to the vindicator”
    You are not only wrong, but completely incorrect. Evoker. I Like the content and I’m just going to assume you don’t do Illager related activities too often.

  6. perry is in tis mods?

  7. Duba duba doooba PERRY PERRY THE PLATYPUS

  8. Annie Rivera says:


  9. Snail says:

    Perry the platypus

  10. Why is there a platypus in my minecraft house?

    puts on hat


  11. I don't think Mr. Crayfish would like the platypus mod

  12. ed94r O says:

    what the heck is gei why is it never menched on any of the videos I've seen. dose every one less have this

  13. I think it would be better if when you named a platypus Perry it would change the skin

  14. Cronavirus 2 says:

    pov: you say perry the platypus and instantly clicked on the video

  15. I think you're series are really cool, so you should keep up the good stuff

  16. Lennart Heck says:

    5:43 I can already see people making Undertale boss fights


  17. WU KONG says:

    Hey its a minecraft platypus

    Puts on hat


    Its perry the minecraft platypus

  18. can you make a tutorial of creating a fabric modpack

  19. love the series so far and cant wait for more