True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior

August 14, 2020 by 20 Comments

Not a moth.


Dr. Anusha Shankar ( for her guidance, enthusiasm and research on torpor.

Dr. Margaret Rubega ( and the University of Connecticut
for our conversation and her introductions.

Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara ( and the University of Washington
for the incredible media related to the tongue and all of his guidance.

Dr. Don Powers ( and the Powers Research Lab for their
footage on energy conservation.

Dr. Kristiina Hurme ( for her amazing work on weaponized beaks

Dr. Chris Clark ( and UC Riverside for our conversation and
all of the wonderful footage related to the dives and and displays.

Dr. Gregor Yanega ( for the footage of birds pilfering spider food.

FLIR Thermal Cameras ( for the psychedelic heat mapping footage

RuthLes Productions ( for the wonderful footage of the
hummer in torpor, as well as the lovely phone chat.

Tracy Kerestesh ( for the footage of insect eating.

The Arizona Daily Star ( for letting me use the footage of a hummer collecting
spider webs outside of their window

Tom Grey ( for his very special photo of hummingbirds mating…
which is not easy to capture

Additional footage used under license from:
Envato Elements


20 Replies to “True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior”

  1. Diane K says:

    Do Bumblebees. I heard they are the wolves compared to the nice little honey bees, which are very chill unless they are angry in which case they will swarm and murder you. Do that one.

  2. animerlon says:

    Damn, nature is weird. Is where we got 'shake your tail feathers' from?

  3. Laura M says:

    Why doesn’t Zefrank have his own Netflix series? He should narrate every nature program, especially the ones by BBC. He is the best YouTuber, hands down.

  4. You are the best!! Love it.

  5. God says:

    Damn, the humming birds know itachis secret move, the chidori

  6. Tim Billings says:

    You are Funny!
    Years ago I was Flyfishing on the battenkill river in VT
    I saw a humming bird kill a dragon fly!!! The fly was bigger than the bird! 😂

  7. CrunchyFrog says:

    Speaking as a biologist, I love these episodes so much.
    If we could get schools to use ZeFrank's videos to teach biology, we might get more teenagers interested in it (beyond teenagers's obvious interest in certain aspects of biology). The only downside is, it's impossible to translate the rapid-fire puns from English into, say, German or any other language.

  8. Since you are making VIDEOS which are family friendly clean up the AUDIO so the whole thing can actually be enjoyable.

  9. A little less "funny" to be more useful?

  10. Nom Chomsley says:

    I am going to use "A King's Loaf" in place of shitload in polite company from now on.

  11. Amber W says:

    Hummingbirds are the pretty little bejeweled chihuahuas of the bird world

  12. Zaidi Zainal says:

    It's a MOTH Jerry!

  13. God is SO amazing!!!

  14. I'm not busting on Toledo, I'll leave that to the hummingbirds.
    Ha! What in the name of naughty narratives, is this!?

  15. I thought the worst thing they do to spider was to eat them… stealing their silk is much worse xD