V8 Rolls Royce Engine Cut in Half with 60,000 PSI Waterjet

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His Rolls Royce engine swap project sounds pretty cool, go give him a follow and see the progress.

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35 Replies to “V8 Rolls Royce Engine Cut in Half with 60,000 PSI Waterjet”

  1. We need a vortex tube cut in half!👁👄👁

  2. That disassembly hurt my soul.

  3. aterack833 says:

    You said this was in a car? That’s an aircraft carburetor

  4. pohmakas33 says:

    waterjet is the new hydraulic press

  5. No joke when I was 4 I asked my dad a very skilled mechanic what the governor was on my four wheeler and he fed me that story and I think I believed it until I was 7. It was more like why can’t I go as fast as you?????

  6. Johnny Kirk says:

    You actually know what you're talking about on this one!

  7. Bobby Fisher says:

    Can you do big rolls of papers

  8. The algorithm apparently didn't like this video. Weird. I am subbed with notifications and didn't see this video until 2 days after it posted.


  10. B G says:

    Audi's and Porsche's is what you Turds dream about? Lol, bottom of the barrel eurotrash for hipsters, get real kid.

  11. Waterjet channel can I possibly have the valve cover off of y’all? If so please reply and we can swap info and I’ll pay for shipping

  12. Tell Lewis he the shit

  13. Why not 1UZ swap?

  14. That plunger in the carb is vacuum operated by the opposite carb. Essential letting the carbs run the exact same without needing to constantly tune and tweak them.

  15. ReNeDoG23 says:

    That engine would be cool to have for demonstrations

  16. pmjd42 says:

    You would have made lots of money breaking it up and selling it for parts…seriously! That stuff just isn't made any more. That "stick" in the carb is a needle valve.

  17. Daniel Moody says:

    That engine was actually worth a ton of money very sought-after in the racing world

  18. Raymond J says:


  19. Vahe Akli says:

    This should be new top viewed video 😉

  20. KingNast says:

    Does that thing have sodium filled valves? If so, it would be quite interesting if you cut them

  21. Red Squirrel says:

    Put the engine back in the car and try to bring it in for service. "My car is doing a weird noise any time I use the wipers. Oh, and it won't start."

  22. Beepis says:

    I have a 2jz engine that ill sell to him!!!

  23. What kind of job does this guy have where his wife could just nonchalantly say “oh no I don’t want an Audi r8” 🙄🤦‍♂️🙄

  24. Kellanium says:

    Hey I got some mondo constipation. Do you think the waterjet could clear that out? 15k PSi high colonic?

  25. Ugh! Seems like a lot of work! Good job boys!

  26. Phil B says:

    2:06 I almost lost an eye using a sawzall exactly like that.. Be careful man

  27. Rick Zito says:

    Awe man, of all the engines out there! Why? Why?

  28. If you think getting those heads off is a royal pain, try getting the heads off a Jaguar V12. Same issue of the studs binding in the head, its just 2 more cylinders of fun.

  29. Water vs steel who will win


  30. Ginger_Sweet says:

    This thing can cut through a metal engine but not the table wtf is that table made of

  31. Lee Gould says:

    😂 Assume that the engine is seized and then chop it up to find out you were wrong…

  32. Axel Jacobs says:

    So painful as a RR collector to see these young Ignoramus‘ chaps absolutely destroy this RR engine!😭😩😭😩