Water Softener Cut Open With 60,000 PSI Waterjet

August 15, 2020 by 50 Comments

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Water Softeners have always seemed a little magical, I had no idea how they worked. Now you know.

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50 Replies to “Water Softener Cut Open With 60,000 PSI Waterjet”

  1. Night Bot says:

    Can't confirm that was water softener
    Lick test was not conducted

  2. RIP lick test 😪

  3. lucky13shot says:

    I would love to see a reverse osmosis filter system cut open.

  4. I'm an hvac technician. Yall need to cut an hvac compressor. That would be amazing.

  5. Cut open a pressure well tank ?

  6. OK WTH has he be doing online learning or something for some future commercial or what?

  7. I kind of want to see what it would look like if you put a transparent box or something under the nozzle and filled it up with water so the nozzle is under water and i also want to see what it would look like if you tried to cut something with abrasive (still under water) so you could maybe see the abrasive exit the nozzle

  8. Phil Warner says:

    What about cutting a stand mixer?

  9. zanderboy says:

    in the UK we dont have these, whats the deal with this in the US? should we have one here? my water tastes lovely straight from the tap. I do live in a mineral spa town though, i know london tap water tastes like shit.

  10. Jason says:

    Does anyone here like HATE Raycon now? Purely because of all the ads and also how LONG they are??

  11. Li Li says:

    Our water is naturally soft. But this is interesting.

  12. I test softener resin at work, those beads are so annoying when they get let loose. Also, on the topic of the salt not making your water salty, it does add the sodium from the salt into your drinking water. If you are the type of extreme health nut weirdo to care about your sodium intake you can fill the brine tank with potassium chloride, at about 5x the cost.

  13. Agedcoyote says:

    Next episode we cut open grandma

  14. Holden Cagle says:

    Turn on a speaker and cut into the cone and see what happens

  15. Sucks you guys decided to sell out before you even got big….

  16. Dj Biohazard says:

    Guess the water softener didn't work, they still cut through using water.

  17. tarun bharti says:

    WOMEN: Why do we live longer than men.
    MEN : 5:12

  18. Google User says:

    Raycon earbuds are just that, a con.

    The claim "seamless pairing" is bullshit, I constantly have issues getting them both to pair properly by just opening the case, sometimes 1 bud connects sometimes both, sometimes neither. Sometimes they don't even turn in by opening and removing them and I have to hold the button down for 5 seconds to do so.

    Sometimes they won't charge in the case, sometimes they won't turn off in the case and just run the battery dead in both the headphones and the case.

    They truly suck, I don't know what is better but I certainly would never reccomend these. I have less issues with a pair I bought on eBay for $20 that has no brand name……

    I have had these earbuds for at least 6 months now and this is my second pair, I returned the first because they had the same issues.

    If you haven't noticed raycon ads are like spam emails, they are literally everywhere. It is a company more devoted to marketing than production and quality control.

    I must also mention they sound awful, every frequency is incredibly flat aside from the bass frequencies which are over blown, that's all you get with this headphones, loud mushy ass bass, no trebble, flat mids. They sound about like a cheap pair of skull candy ear buds from about 10 years ago.

    You guys should probably look into electronic descaling aswell as that water softener for the water jet. I've installed a few on some high rise buildings with impressive results.

  19. Raycons suck when compared to other options, look at dank pods video if you want more information on that.

  20. nothing exciting about water softeners they're just big vessels filled with salt

  21. Jason Taylor says:

    Can you ask Raycon why they don’t ship to Australia? I want 15% off. We have electricity now.

  22. I wanna comment on a day on as that you can get jlab air go’s for 30 bucks and they’re the same quality if not better

  23. Fish eggs are literally salty and gross soo ya.

  24. RTPAINX says:

    1:40 the cleanest transition into a ad I've seen 😂

  25. “Have you ever been in your basement…”
    Now let me stop you right there. What even is a basement?

  26. Sarah Bird says:

    How long do you think it would take to cut through a tractor engine?

  27. It was only a commercial about those earplugs that's all it was a bunch of bulshit

  28. try to cut in half a computer moniter

  29. Cut a taxidermied platypus.

  30. I dont have a basement

  31. Rob Kirke says:

    Cross sections of different fire extinguishers/gas bottles to show their thickness/construction for different pressures

  32. Brent Legg says:

    What about a water pressure regulator?

  33. Whats inside channel 2.0

  34. That should be full and the things that look like fish eggs is resin

  35. garcia valda says:

    Its resin. Ion exchanger

  36. Callum W says:

    Cut a gas boiler in half and reveal it's tasty secrets

  37. Wait how did u know I'm in the basement…

  38. Leroy Noah says:

    You should cut a speaker

  39. Fig Bat says:

    Its carbon fiber tanked wrapped in fiber glass

  40. Austin T says:

    How about a plugged in toaster a presser cooker and watter jet vs kitchen aid.

  41. why was it empty? Where'd the beads go if it was supposed to be full?

  42. personally I like the pulp

  43. eggypickle says:

    I have not, since we have soft water.

    I still watched it though

  44. I wanna see a water jet cut in half

  45. championchap says:

    Thank f I don’t live in an area with horrible hard water. 🤢🤮

  46. Lynx Below says:

    "What's going on inside that cylinder?"

    Cue Inside Out memes.

  47. Legend Y. says:

    they fill your ears with deep deep ass