September 16, 2020 by 41 Comments

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41 Replies to “etiquette.”

  1. etiquette is what you get for going over the speed limit in France

  2. Ghost says:

    I just close my eyes during haircuts

  3. mfw i live in the region specific pricing region

  4. Welshhobo1 says:

    Thats stage right. Stage left would be the audiences right. Ya big dingus.

  5. Ash Rose says:

    why do people keep sponsoring him

  6. Carys Webb says:

    8:12 this is a mark for future generations

  7. ShaunLeF00ck says:

    7:15 eddie izzard made the same joke about shopping xd

  8. Tren TR says:

    here i brought you a drink

  9. middleton955 says:

    Your videos make me fucken howl like nothing else. Please never stop

  10. stevensigl says:

    2:57 kill bill reference

  11. Imagine if his mom saw this…

  12. Proper ‘Etiquette’ is a biased western definition of what qualifies as having good dining table manners. No thank you. I will continue to eat as humans were intended; strictly paleo and tearing into everything with my bare hands and teeth, growling at passerby’s who idle to long or attempt stealing my food. That is the way.

  13. Please keep doing this after quarantine is over.

  14. chaincat33 says:

    To be fair, when you're a kid, or if you're just doing something out of your expertise, with how easy it is to buy things without meaning to nowadays, it's really easy to just buy something, not realize you bought it, never interact with it, but someone else had to pay for it, and they know what you were doing, but you don't know that you cost them money

  15. Byte Deity says:

    9:07 The Mythbusters would like to know your location.

  16. DantePac says:

    In Germany: as soon as you put something in your shopping cart it belongs to you and it is illiegal for other people to take things out of it ^^

  17. Tom M says:

    It’s just a cap gun, cmon 😂😭😂👌

  18. Succinate says:

    In high school I was once commissioned by a friend with a shitty grocery store job to fill a shopping cart with random shit and leave it in an aisle so he'd have something easy to do to pass the time.
    I can confirm, that in and of itself is not illegal.
    However, filling it with Sudafed and cough syrup raises eyebrows.

  19. I died when the widow spilled the drink

  20. AdurianJ says:

    I've seen War of The Worlds i know what those 5G towers do !

  21. Woozy says:

    17:32 no im right handed and clean my self with the right hand

  22. 19:23 – My brain immidiately went: You haven't play GTA Online in a long time.

  23. Deveyous says:

    The only channel where I don't skip the sponsor.

  24. Salad-in says:

    I like how one of the uses for nordVPN is for cheaper games on steam but subverting steam's regional pricing is against steam's TOS.

  25. Bob Shellby says:

    Idk how many times i've watched this but this is the first time i noticed the roast chicken and buns at the picnic. Good kiwi food i see.

  26. says:

    07:25 I'm dying lol

  27. 68%? That was outrageous, step it to 69% and ill consider, amd a nice >:(

  28. i just close my eyes

  29. monty turner says:

    I wonder if theirs such a thing as a etiquette documentary comedy show.

  30. Shlankwald says:

    I love the banter between you two in these videos. I think I actually prefer you and sumito just talking some bullshit over your main videos.

  31. Internet historian is a big Eddie izard fan it seems

  32. Poopsie Pop says:

    who is this guy and why does he look like mutahar

  33. in germany at least you cant take stuff from other carts, there was an actual court case. The moment you put it in your cart its yours, but before leaving the store or using it, you have to pay for it or give it back

  34. Crazy Guy says:

    As for barbers, I always just close my eyes and keep my hands in my lap. It's that easy.

  35. Gary Stinten says:

    Please do a 2 hour special on Johnny Depp and Amber heard.. can't wait

  36. I just realised your character only has his top row of teeth.

  37. I love how shadowman isn’t even confined to RSL ads anymore. He’s just an entity that can appear in ads now regardless of sponsor

  38. Jr Spaget says:

    This is some amazing editing and story telling.

  39. I love how they samples slipknot for people screaming in the ad break

  40. Adam Xavier says:

    When you get a haircut you just close your eyes