My Personal 10 Favorite Video Games Of All Time

September 4, 2020 by 39 Comments

Of all the video games I have played in my life, these are the 10 games that I consider to be my favorites of all time. Enjoy!



0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Minecraft
2:11 – Red Dead Redemption 2
3:16 – Fallout 4
4:38 – Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
5:35 – Forza Horizon
6:58 – Subnautica
7:57 – Call of Duty
8:50 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
10:13 – Halo
11:33 – Honorable Mentions
13:11 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
14:14 – Outro

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39 Replies to “My Personal 10 Favorite Video Games Of All Time”

  1. Max says:

    Finally a list that doesn’t include optifine

  2. I would like to have red dead redemption 2 but im poor

  3. Stray says:

    The Witcher 3 is the best game I’ve ever played, easily.

  4. Yes, Castle Crashers is so underrated.

  5. You should really try terraria

  6. What about terraria?

  7. Joostinostan says:

    pre-season 4 fortnite was golden. it was definitely the highlight of my freshman year of high school. it just took such a dark turn (no pun intended) in season 6. that's when i finally uninstalled the game. i have given chapter 2 a fair chance and actually won a couple of games, but it just doesn't have that charm that it used to have.

  8. Yes! Halo let's go!!!

  9. When God of War 4 and Monster Hunter World isn't on the list:
    Sad donut noises

  10. My favorite games are the Batman arkham games, Forza and Star Wars Battlefront 2

  11. Kian says:

    This list is beautiful, so many grate games. The world has so many beautiful games and I wish I could play them all! Three of my favorite games would be Minecraft, due to its limitless possibilities, The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, For most of the same reasons why you had red dead, and Galaxy on Fire 2, for how old the game is it’s still 10 times as good as Galaxy on Fire 3. This has some of the most legendary games and it gives me hope to see other people like games like the ones listed in this video.

  12. TheExtrovert says:

    My recommendations for "My Personal 10 Favorite Video Games Of All Time" is
    1.DDLC its prolly da best physiological horror game in history.
    2.Minecraft "MODDED" I honestly can't play minecraft without mods if mods were not a thing I wouldn't like minecraft also "fabric sucks forge is so much better"
    3.The last of us 2 Its has very good graphics a great story and pretty darn good gameplay overall its a really good game
    4.persona 5 THE BEST STORY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD the graphics are really bad but the story is spot on prolly the best game ever
    5.BOTW a great game and great for people who care about the gameplay more than story its a open world game and it has pretty good puzzles and stuff has beatiful ambient sounds and music so its a great game
    6.Yandere sim uhh it will never come out but its a great stealth game and the demo is pretty fire But it has been taking a pretty long time to come out so yup its pretty good but its not on the top of my list
    7.Danganronpa "2" the best story ever remember what I said about persona this mops the floor with my persona so try it it has such a twist at the end and ooooooooooo its great the only problem is you have to play the original first witch isn't even close to as good of a story at all so yeah its a great game
    8. lol idk
    9. lol idk
    10 .lol idk
    those are the games I accualy enjoyed soooo I couldn't think of 3 more

  13. What about Terraria? Undertale? BoTW?!?!?

  14. Ahsan Hamza says:

    fallout 4,forza horizon,minecraft with mods.

  15. It's great that you don't restrict yourself just to minecraft. Do what makes you happy.

  16. ethan Streit says:

    Have you played hollow knight?


  18. So glad he didnt say fortnite

  19. Lenni Lenni says:

    You haven't played Hollowknight, have you ?

  20. User Name says:

    Witcher 3 really played with my emotions.
    I've never played a game that captivating.
    And.after that black flag really did the same but on a little lower level so glad I got to experience these two gems

  21. Sprits Fal says:

    Yes! He put Subnautica in here! That's my favorite game ever.

  22. Vitor Vieira says:

    HalfSquat is a Xbox guy, appreciate it.

  23. MrTheBizman says:

    1. Hollow Knight
    2. Minecraft
    3. Terraria
    4. The Witcher 3
    5. Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War Soulstorm
    6. Cube World (old version)
    7. Stellaris
    8. League Of Legends

  24. Here's My top 10

    Also I'll be counting games that have equally good sequels/ DLC's as 1 game. Also these are not Ranked

    1: Minecraft
    2: Half life series
    3: Portal series
    4: Grand Theft auto SA
    5: Team fortress series
    5: Five Nights At Freddys: Help wanted
    6: Halo Combat evolved
    7: Titanic: Adventure out of time
    8: Undertale & Deltarune
    9: Garry's Mod
    10: Subnautica & Below zero

    If you want to criticize me for my taste in gaming, Feel free!

    As for my absolute favourite game of all time, I gotta go with The original Half life

    and my favourite video game character has to be Either Wheatley Or GLaDOS From portal

  25. "The realistic physics male horses have
    Red Dead also features a nice long-"

  26. CODman4372wx says:

    I'd say Halo 3 is my second favorite game, but it used to be my favorite. My favorite game as of April is NieR

  27. Petar Ivanov says:

    Have you ever played FarCry Primal

  28. My top 10 games are:

  29. Leon Kennedy says:

    The witcher 3 one of my favourite games of all time
    Polish people: So you've chosen +12.200 subscriptions

  30. you seem to love open world games…

    ever given Breath of the Wild a try?

  31. Koolor says:

    Polska gra na pierwszym miejscu! 😀

  32. voir says:

    Skyrim, Fallout 4, Stardew Valley, All Monster Hunter Universe, Red Dead Redemption, All God Of War Universe, The Witcher, Age Of Empires, Stronghold Crusader, All The Sims Series

    Yes i love a lot games, i have no life lol

  33. Banankaffe says:

    Most of these are Also my favorites

  34. You Tube says:

    I dont hate you like a game made by rockstar games but Red dead 2 was fine until it got overrated like every single game

  35. MeAmSmart says:

    i love skyrim so much

  36. Finally someone who understands the masterpiece of the witcher 3, this is also my favorite game

  37. MyTop10: Resident Evil 1 remake, Silver, Dead Space 1, Monkey Island 3, Red Dead Redemption 1, Skyrim, the legend of zelda: link's awekening, Donkey Kong Country 2, COD: Black ops 1, the last of us part 2.