Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Netherite Plus, Crock Pot, Dad’s Sewing, Krate and More!

September 7, 2020 by 40 Comments

10 amazing new Fabric and Forge mods for Minecraft.
The mods include Crock Pot, Dad’s Sewing, Durability Banks, Image World Generator, Krate, Netherite Plus, Noteblock Expansion, Shelf, Biome Picker, and Chain Suspension.

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
1:18 Crock Pot
2:11 Dad’s Sewing
2:30 Durability Banks
3:02 Image World Generator
3:43 Krate
4:39 Netherite Plus
6:08 Noteblock Expansion
6:41 Shelf
6:58 Biome Picker
7:21 Chain Suspension
7:42 Outro

Crock Pot:

Dad’s Sewing:

Durability Banks:

Image World Generator:


Netherite Plus:

Noteblock Expansion:


Biome Picker:

Chain Suspension:

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40 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Netherite Plus, Crock Pot, Dad’s Sewing, Krate and More!”

  1. r2tired says:

    My favorite was dads sewing. Doesn’t impact gameplay much, but just a purely fun mod that helps with decoration a bit.

  2. GBV1436 says:

    Is yours a Mac? We can't find the imggen folder. Can't find 'Fabric' either, just .fabric. Wiki has no instructions for how to install the image we created. Can someone tell us where the image folder is on Windows?

  3. PITT LORD says:

    This guy is so grateful it's the best.

  4. LiLoLeLa says:

    You just got a new subscriber ❤ you make great content

  5. lets beg all mod devs to make both forge, fabric, and rift mods

  6. Ben_ Vanetta says:

    Why fabric havez better mods in 1.15.2 than forge

  7. 3:02 is my favorite!!

    Image World Generator

  8. Bruh, i just want an updated custom npc mod

  9. Froglet says:

    Hey umm can you try terraria mods maybe

  10. Hearing Boodlyneck say “don’t starve” made me freak out.

  11. Technoscope says:

    Boodlyneck great job and please can I have a shout out I love your videos!!!!

  12. Ronron Gwapo says:

    Does this work on pocket edition😥

  13. Were did you downlaoding that addon

  14. Complex Evil says:

    Damn, wish that Netherite Plus mod was for forge.

  15. Wow i recently subscribe to this channel because of the mods he reciew

  16. Rayan Nada says:


  17. Lau Rres says:

    I've insterested in fabric mods, and now i'm even more interested of what has fabric to offer

  18. Codiplee 47 says:

    Fabric should make a Noteblock to a distorted electric guitar sound when the Noteblock is on netherrack.

  19. pls shut up when you are showing the note block's

  20. ( Forge is better than fabric, Forge is original )

  21. Vexurayr says:

    Only took one video for me to want to subscribe.

  22. Bedman says:

    In Noteblock Expansion one instrument was named Glockenspiel and that's German

  23. Jonny Fungus says:

    Watching a mod review by Fred

  24. Netherite Plus with that Shulkularity compatibility! So sad that mod was discontinued but glad it still works in 1.16.3.

  25. Tim Knoll says:

    Dear boodly neck where do you get these mods

  26. this vid is a Fabric mod showcase…

  27. Still waiting a video with asian half squat.

  28. AndroRana says:

    It's pan-awesome. Not panaw-some

  29. NeoDoesStuff says:

    these mods are really crappy

  30. Dude Guy says:


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