Use ExtAnalysis for Browser Extension Analysis [Tutorial]

September 30, 2020 by 24 Comments

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How to Dig into Browser Extensions to Look for Malicious Content
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 192

Browser extensions can be malicious, and it’s hard to know exactly what a browser extension you want to install might be doing. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll examine browser extensions using ExtAnalysis and learn to spot malicious traits hiding within them. This tool works for both Chrome and Firefox extensions in the Chrome, Brave, or Firefox browsers. The tool works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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24 Replies to “Use ExtAnalysis for Browser Extension Analysis [Tutorial]”

  1. Gopal Editer says:

    How hackers can hack bank account

  2. V iksis says:

    Yee Kody is back!

  3. Welcome back brother 💞💞💞💞🥰

  4. Social Bug says:

    Yo @nullbyte, can u phish the shit out of my gf!!??

    She is full of it

  5. A Lanta says:

    Where have you been??? Good to see new stuff!!!

  6. JesusIsAJoke says:

    Welcome back mate

  7. Tech Gamez says:

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  8. Youmom1925 says:

    Bro i am a big fan,please can you sent me a link how can i ddos an ip?

  9. V H says:

    The none blinking conference is finish and hi is back.

  10. Hasan firnas says:

    How to creat a bot net or a zombie machines?

  11. Hola amigp muy buen video

  12. If Cyber Weapons were real snacks to eat…

    Delicious and Malicious Treats to Enjoy 😉

  13. “A really really common problem”

    shots fired 😆

  14. user241 says:

    All your tutorials here and on your site do not work and there are no results, all your even commands in the terminal are with errors or showing missing files. No monitoring is established, no hacking of my own network, no passwords I see, it always gives any errors or missing files. Scripts and those with the wrong ones always give up either wrong commands or incomplete files! I don't know what Linux you use, but I understand that you really serve everything!

  15. Skull Gaming says:

    Which is better kali linux in DUAL BOOT OR VIRTUAL BOX. Please tell me

  16. Team Faygo says:

    he still doesn't blink

  17. r3d says:

    Nice to be finally featured in Null Byte! Thanks for the video.

  18. Sakib arefin says:

    How to H*ck Facebook?

  19. Yóu Çef says:

    i just want a tool to check if any add-on is using the internet to collect my data, i rtied fiddler and glass wire vut they are not enough to be sure

  20. Yóu Çef says:

    thank you i am so lucky to find this video by recommendations i have bieng looking for such tool since years now.

  21. skyr3x says:

    List of every timestamp where he blinks:

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  22. Man holy shit thank u so much, wow this is such a 👍 great amazing tool. It’s like so simple as a extension but so advanced I’ve got this on my school laptop now as well. Thanks but this is great as now I can find info about a hijack miner extension that installed its self of grandparents computer. 😬 * FreeForms online*