10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 17

October 24, 2020 by 43 Comments

Here’s another list of 10 awesome Minecraft mods you have likely never heard of! This list should have something for just about everyone. Enjoy!

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Caves and Cliffs Mod –

Callable Horses –

Monster Of The Ocean Depths –

Treemendous –

Custom Stars –

BackSlot –

MedievalWeapons –

Gems & Jewels –

Plonk –

EnvironmentZ –


Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –


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43 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 17”

  1. aymane ahmil says:

    Did he speedrun the video or am i high

  2. No one gonna talk about the TNT piling up at the beginning?

    Well, not the weirdest intro he's done.

  3. Kennedy Gray says:

    Can we get like a tutorial on how to download the mods

  4. Excalibur178 says:

    it aint an AsianHalfSquat vid without animal abuse.

  5. Hey bro there something if you can answer me please , how can I add extra mods in skyblock , one block , please reply me bro , there are a lot of your mods that I want to play in skyblock , one block etc 🤗🤗🤗

  6. Seth Sabres says:

    Aw… The one mod I really wanted to try from this list, "Medieval Weapons", is only for Fabric…

  7. hey can you make top 10 minecraft roleplay mods pls

  8. hey wasssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. can u please list ur specs

  10. 잘보고있습니다! 항상 좋은모드 알려주셔서 감사합니다!

  11. Muzik says:

    Here is a cool decoration mod i like https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dads-sewing mostly becuase if you combine it with cosmetic armour reworkedand mob battle i think you can wear plushies 😀

  12. Request: “How to turn Minecraft into a Desert Survival Game”, The reason I’m asking for this is because there’s a few mods that add Sandworms, and you haven’t covered any worm-like mobs.

  13. Mr Trillion says:

    1:13 Green was the imposter

  14. Murphy says:

    "Into the Maelstrom" is a pretty cool mod and it currently only has a little over 6k downloads

  15. Does this work on android bedrock?

  16. faiza moeen says:

    Could you do a tutorial on how to add rtx to mincraft Java with rtx 2060

  17. Sad thing I can't have does mods, because I'm on Android and I can't download the mod

  18. Baby_ Groot says:

    I Like this vidieos but could you say for what Minecraft version the difrent mods are?

  19. Top_ Decks says:

    CAN u pls do a mcpe mods

  20. Can I get an F in chat for his channel

  21. QuackSix says:

    which version of forge 1.16.3 do i have to use?

  22. asian bring more modern home vidios please

  23. Tom# all says:

    Can i have shaders and sodium installt ?

  24. weewoo guid says:

    Suggestion: a video of a mod pack that makes survival more interesting in

  25. I'd actually like to see how you could replicate Silent Hill into Minecraft.

    I'm not sure if there are any mods that allow you to control times of day and night, in which it would be randomized whenever night came. No sun, the clock should be useless, etc.

    Along with it, I guess the Music / Ambience mod would do good to insert some Silent Hill Ambience and vibes to the game.

    I'd also wish that there could be a sound trigger every time night time came, for the siren or something equal.

    I dunno man. I just want Silent Hill's type of horror into Minecraft.

  26. Mod for andriod phone plssss

  27. Mod for android phone plssss

  28. allan vitug says:

    Noice I can use the cave and cliffs update mod to troll my friend

  29. Philipp says:

    How can i add a portal to a new dimension? I want to keep a map and link it to a other one in offline mode

  30. Aool Gamer says:

    Algum BR que gosta de Mods por ai? 😄

  31. King Ding says:

    The problem with the tool belt part is my avatar is constantly naked

  32. Your second channel is pew die pie😱😱😱

  33. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😱

  34. I can’t use options with forge 🙁 can someone tell me how please??

  35. На русском с субтитрами выпусти!!!

  36. CombatFish says:

    This eyeman' s videos are very cretiv and ewasom !!!!!!!!! (๑♡⌓♡๑)

  37. 1:11 that was a mob that minecraft was planning to add but the phantom won the votes

  38. so i have a question which of these mods are compatible with vanilla servers?

  39. Skratymir says:

    You should add Vertical Hotbar

  40. JumperBlox says:

    Congratulations on 500k!!!