Intel lost the game – AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal

October 8, 2020 by 43 Comments

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Dr. Lisa Su has guided AMD in three short years from being the scrappy underdog to finally overtaking Intel’s best in nearly every category. Where do we go from here?

Watch the AMD Where Gaming Begins event VOD:

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43 Replies to “Intel lost the game – AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal”

  1. Super User says:

    Intel inside kidney outside

  2. Nice weed eyes? Could be my imagination, though.

  3. exodus2oo says:

    Team red wins big this year on both fronts now

  4. R R says:

    best transition ever to glasswire

  5. Uh would mind pls doing comparison with the 4000 series cpu?

  6. i got a i7 10700 to replace my ryzen 2700x and i was very happy i did… my ryzen constantly had problems running my games the way i liked… i got intel and it all stopped

  7. tucci06 says:

    Intel loses when AMD has stock. I get 0 fps with 0 CPUs. That shit was gone in literally under 10 seconds.

  8. I want to buy a new rtx 3080 and 5600 amd but I think ps5 is more cheaper
    Ps5 = 500 dollar
    Only gpu and cpu = 1000 dollar

  9. Pre-ordered my 5900x last night at 12 am. Now just gotta wait till its done on back order

  10. fekanix says:

    can you guys pls make a pc building video for different price ranges with the new gpu and cpus considered ?

  11. T01HIG5vb2Jz says:

    Intel lost the game… in Cinebench 😭

  12. Thanh Do Huu says:

    The performance uplift is nice but with the price hike and the lack of cooler included, their value proposition got worse.
    But I guess since AMD already have the 3000 series still going strong that serve value oriented customers well enough, they rather not have their 5000 series cannibalize that segment when they don't have to since Intel's offers struggle to compete.

  13. linus is a pro in mixing in sponsors.

  14. Navtaj Pelia says:

    How many times will glasswire sponsor u?

  15. Delta BoXeR says:

    Yeah so the new AMD beats the old Intel. Then the new Intel Beats the new AMD. Then the New AMD Beats the intel…. This goes on and on. There is no surprises here.

  16. Well, It's not like I can afford the latest CPU builds, even from AMD. Ryzen 5 3400g go brrr.

  17. vicissitude1 says:

    Imagine paying 1000€+ for CPU+MB and not even getting AVX512 in 2020. Doesn't matter gotta CONSOOM.

  18. Hammer Flex says:

    Thank you Linus, I finally will see this Dr. Lisa Su LoL

  19. Neucore says:

    How did intel lose? Their NEW cpu's are going to be compared to intels new generation of CPU's in a few months, which nobody has the specs for. It's not fair to compare the 5800x to the i7 10700k when the 5800x is almost $100 more… It's more comparable to the 3700x… which intel beats. I don't understand why AMD users don't get this.

  20. Okin Arierom says:

    A testimony that women are capable! Lifting AMD back into the leading game after 14 years is no small thing, and ultimately good for the consumer.

  21. Carlo Leon says:

    Why removing the Coolers from the Cpu in the box? I get it that a lot of peple buys a cooler extra, but people like me upgrade that on the road. And the pricing is starting to be higher and higher, and I don't like that. Intel shoud survive for a healthy competition and free market for the people. Don't get me wrong, intel had this coming and Im glad it did, but I dont want them to crumble completely.

  22. Rocket Lake will take back the gaming crown to Intel again.

  23. who else is ready for "the most powerful pc in 2021"

  24. DewGaming says:

    AMD 5600x with MB costs 525 US $ and the I5-10600k with MB costs 430 US $ here. So if you don't have the extra 95$ to spare for an avaverge of 3-7 FPS more. Doesn't seems like it would matter though, but clearly AMD had made a huge comback (Nope I'm neither AMD nor Intel fanboy, I have had both through the times)

  25. JoeMama MC says:

    All the intel idiots crying rn

  26. bharti jha says:

    I am gonna sue dr.lisa su for kicking a dead body.

  27. the gaming benchmarks were proven wrong i don't hate amd or anything i think that amd has a excellent performance especially for productivity but for some reason the intel i9 10900k still brings better gaming performance then the ryzen 9 5950x and they claim that the ryzen 5 5600x brings a much much much better performance then the intel core i9 10900k can someone explain me why the benchmarks are wrong because this'll prove that
    intel still has a better performance per dollar

  28. Flag says:

    Amd FINALLY caught up…good work…

  29. JaedenRed says:

    I like how everyone is concerned about the price bump without realizing Intel's previous price bumps, which were fucking ginormous.

  30. Can you Also compare whether the performance of amd 5000 is better in linux than windows 10 pro 64

  31. Intel is not telling!

  32. Brian Thomas says:

    So did AMD cannibalize the Ryzen 9 3950X?

  33. How much money are paid to saied that

  34. Dimitris says:

    Too bad B350 won't support these 🙁

  35. Stewie J says:

    5:26 How very brachistochrone of you

  36. I'm still waiting for the straight face.

  37. Aj Jingco says:

    Ryzen 3 is almost GOOD for Gaming, you just need a dedicated Graphics Card to turn it into a Beast.

  38. jcMarcell says:

    Amd went crazy on the FX cpu. Got my 4300 to 5ghz OC.

  39. I came here from Alan Walker playlist