LGR Oddware – NEC PC-FXGA DOS/V Game Accelerator Card

October 16, 2020 by 46 Comments

The NEC PC-FX console itself was considered a failure in 1994, but then came this FXGA version for MS-DOS PCs. Not only is it the full video game system on a 16-bit ISA card, but it also adds a 3D graphics chip and software development options! Also dragonfly dinosaurs.

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46 Replies to “LGR Oddware – NEC PC-FXGA DOS/V Game Accelerator Card”

  1. LGR says:

    The full version of "A Dragonfly" in now available for your viewing pleasure:

  2. The dragon fly with the dinosaur made me laugh so much 😆 🤣

  3. 26:30 this t-rex looks very similar to the PSX T-REX demo on the playstation magazine demo disc.

  4. I've heard of Der Langrisser. From what I know, it's a great 90s anime.

  5. Jacob Ortiz says:

    I've seen something similar to the NEC PC-FXGA DOS/V Game Accelerator Card on the web and it's called the PTC MSX PC Card. You can learn more about it here: https://www.msx.org/wiki/PTC_MSX_PC

  6. Mia Lemon says:

    The greatest part of all of this are LGR provided captions. I spend a lot of time using CC and it's never quite as entertaining as the audio. Not so here. I feel like the captions are actually funnier lmao.

    [LGR slowly loses it] was both accurate and absolutely hilarious.

  7. HOT GIRLS TV says:

    Amazing 👍👍❤️❤️

  8. lethauntic says:

    Does that say "anime mode"? It's a bit hard for me to read, but if it is, then I guess they aren't wrong. It basically is just a full anime with some shmup in-between the scenes. I just find it really amusing to see.

  9. IanSane says:

    So you're saying you can actually rig up a mid-90's PC that can play both PC-FX and 3DO games? Someone has to do this!

    The fact that this thing requires a TV when the monitor is right there is so idiotic. If I'm the CEO of NEC and the R&D team presents that I'm like "Nope! Do this is a way that doesn't make us a laughing stock, please."

  10. Socky Noob says:

    5:24 Hudson/Kubota? As in the tractor company? Wtf

  11. How did you manage to make this boring? You should have just let the fmv's speak for themselves rather than give dull commentary over them, and actually centered the focus to the tv much earlier in the video.

  12. Jacob Barrow says:

    still got my 1979 NEC CRT television. Still looks and works as if brand new :))

  13. kevcom2001 says:

    I misread the title and got excited because I thought it said FPGA

  14. MAN BEAM says:

    ISAバス版かぁ 懐かしい 当時人気無くて秋葉原で3000円くらいで投げ売りされてたな

  15. Mark Keener says:

    I noticed the Kubota logo on the chips so I did a minuscule amount of research and yes, that Kubota is the same Kubota that sells tractors and farm equipment. How odd.

  16. Mark Dymek says:

    not into anime at all but i know lots of people are. i would have fun playing that fighting game but not being translated into english would be tough.

  17. Retro Cysper says:

    Ah yes the NEC Hentai Engine.

  18. SonnoMaku says:

    I watched the whole Zenki anime a few years ago and it was pretty good so seeing this game is neat.

  19. What a spectacular monolith for its day. It didn't need a cooling fan for all its efforts.

  20. M.NIght Shamynamamamala wishes his twists were that as compelling as that CGI DRagonfly video.

  21. Oh I recognize some of those
    don't ask

  22. I still have an odd past when i started to became weebs and playing anime games

    i forgot to put the earphone jacks and there i am, my parents know im a weebs xD

  23. I said too much information at the same time and it freaked me out a bit. XD cool stuff I love seeing these crazy oddities! Thanks for being a champion. 🏆

  24. REZ says:

    This console confuses and befuddles me. Didn't know it had Der Langrisser


  26. Endless Lore says:

    Your voice feels like jello and honey making love in the sunset.

  27. Night Riders says:

    Surely an amazing piece of hardware that – until now – was completely unbeknownst to me. And I thought I was a retro-geek. Turns out I was wrong ;-).

  28. 10:08 "Der Langrisser" – what? Sounds german. Like a name for someone who tears apart something… (German "entlangreißen")

  29. rm2kmidi says:

    I wish there was a Playstation card for PC XD

  30. Bruno says:

    The dragonfly thing was the funniest shit ever! 😀

  31. Ayy Trinitron KV1380-R, those tvs have such a cool design. Got one right next to my computer desk

  32. anonUK says:

    Translation" "All your roricons are belong to us!"

  33. Hacking says:

    So was this things a success? Was the reason for this thing being because of the relatively high cost of an optical drive? If one had already invested in CD drive, I guess it made sense.

  34. Senpai Skyy says:

    lmao, I work on Kubota tractors all the time. I didn't know they made chips for NEC game systems.

  35. Jesse Luna says:

    26:23 Clint doing his impression of OG LOC

  36. Joshua Henry says:

    Seriously though, Yahoo Auctions Japan is as addictive as crack cocaine.

  37. I thought that Kubota only was making diggers and wheelloaders, but no…

  38. It's really weird seeing computer chips branded "Kubota", because the most common thing that company is known for making is farm tractors.

  39. PCFX is such an interesting console you could hook it up to your PC as a CD rom drive

  40. Aaron S says:

    So yet another expensive device from that era, where you'd be better off with a SNES instead. Got it.

  41. What is this black IBM keyboard?

  42. Aizat Ismail says:

    Zenki is a good 90s anime. I highly recommend.

  43. This concept is a good idea though. Imagine a Playstation 4 Card for pc? Lol. No emulation needed.

  44. kubota branded ship? WTF

  45. I think you should also do a video about Amstrad Mega PC & TerraDrive