Minecraft UHC but no one can FIGHT until I DIE.

October 24, 2020 by 27 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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Minecraft UHC but no can FIGHT until I DIE.


27 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but no one can FIGHT until I DIE.”

  1. Dylan Wilson says:

    He should make a UHC where the world border follows him

  2. itisbongocat says:

    why do they hate tapl?
    tapl is just trying to make peace make everyone not hurt eachother ;-;

    be like Tapl.

  3. CyRex says:

    october fools

  4. ecqir says:

    im eating with a plastic spoon

  5. Anyone else hear marcus uhc

  6. Mc survivalist vs 200 hunters lmao

  7. Walkastray says:

    Watching everyone chase him to build the house is like watching a bunch of puppies run to their owners

  8. I came here thinking this UHC was going to be everybody trying to kill you so they could kill each other.

    That would have been way cooler.

  9. Yoda The says:

    Oh wow…the idea of this UHC

    Tapl being chased by every player, 215 players!

  10. Yoda The says:

    UHC: flowers are your only weapon

  11. Derp ducko says:

    No one:
    Literally no one :
    The chat :hI YOuTuBe

  12. What has uhc become at this point

  13. TapL kills hiself
    and intense lagg

  14. Phentom says:

    …i really hope i get to play with you…

    i come from a poor family so i am not able to buy minecraft… 🙁

  15. Cola Canyon says:

    The United Nations be like:

  16. Hey TapL could you give us a link for the cape you have or no?

  17. What if you just die right away?

  18. 4:04 there was a person saying hi to their mom

  19. GibTheGamer says:

    The lag at the end

  20. I'm allergic to burgers ;-;

  21. RageM8 says:

    How calls hes Ressource Pack

  22. Flatcap says:

    You can just put gravel or u can drown not just using lava

  23. ppl coudeve crafted tnt

  24. minecraft uhc but everytime someone dies the world border shrinks

  25. 1:34 ok so at the chat i saw that miner stove said that youtube is nice

  26. This is how I pronounce your name tapl

    Tap eLLL