How to Recover Deleted Files From Memory Card Easily

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A memory card may be such a very small thing, but it can hold big files – important files that mean a lot to the owner. You can save thousands upon thousands if you get a high capacity memory card. When you save so many files, it naturally means that you know these files are important enough to keep forever or for a very long time.

However, some people have the misfortune of having their memory cards go awry on them and thus causing them to lose precious data. Short of inventing an excuse as to why you were not able to submit that essential report, why not look for a way on how to recover deleted files from memory card? The process itself is not painful – unlike the feeling when you first discovered that all of your files are gone.

Simple Steps to Get You Started

  1. Don’t panic! Simply go online and look for a reliable recovery software program that you will use in restoring the deleted files from your memory card. Computer technicians you can seek help from regarding how to recover deleted files from memory card will tell you that this is the first and foremost step.
  2. Upon choosing the kind of recovery software program, download it and start the installation process in your computer.
  3. Wait for the installation to finish. Once it is done, go to your desktop and make a new folder which you will rename as ‘Recovered Files’. This is where you will put all the recovered files you accidentally deleted.
  4. Now, take your memory card and insert it in the computer. As soon as it launches, click its program icon for the recovery software in order to launch it. There will be a ‘File Type’ window which will pop up, and here you will choose which file type you want to look for. If you were working on a different program to make the file and it does not appear in the menu of file types, click ‘Other’. You might find the unspecified file type there.
  5. Click ‘OK’ and voila – the recovery software program will show all the deleted files of the same type you selected. Scan for your precious documents and click the ones you want to recover. This next step will take some time because the program will run for a while as it recovers the files you need. This will also depend on the number of files you want to recover as well as the size of each file.
  6. As soon as it finishes scanning, save the retrieved files onto the folder you created on the desktop.

As you can see, it is very easy to retrieve files from a storage device like memory cards. Simple software is the solution, and when you have this it does not matter if you accidentally deleted it from the memory card or the memory card conked out on you – you have a way to get it back. In fact, some people make it a habit to save the same recovery software program on all the computers they work on at home and in the office. This is good practice of being safe than sorry – something you too must also do if you want your files to be safe and sound.

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