Minecraft UHC but a RANDOM item is BANNED every 60 SECONDS…

November 14, 2020 by 26 Comments

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Minecraft UHC but a RANDOM item is BANNED every 60 SECONDS…


26 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but a RANDOM item is BANNED every 60 SECONDS…”

  1. Uhc idea: every block you place you get an inchantment

  2. That Boy Dan says:

    Absolutely Nobody:
    Banning AI: imagine having a black banner

  3. Geraldo Neto says:

    Nooo I love my rod! – Tapl, 2k20

  4. Exojahblade says:

    UHC: this one but instead having the banned item instantly kills you.

  5. Arwin says:

    2.000.000th subber

  6. Emrakul says:

    Whoever createt the random algorithm fucked up. Using just the random libary wont do since the chance for choosing the same number is quit high

  7. Do this again, but everyone gets a different item banned.

  8. Luqum says:

    Rip the black banner

  9. Nature Fnaf says:

    Pizza wins nearly every time

  10. the game does not like wool

  11. A_Droxn says:

    TapL: Gets 3 flint in a row
    Dream: pathetic

    Meanwhile, in an alternate universe
    Minecraft UHC but it's rigged.
    (hi it's meme explainer here, this is the joke: TapL always gets given shears via command and always has fullbright.)

  12. 7:12 why you say no because you dont need fish + also another players cant get it.

  13. Lemon Demon says:

    2:59 is that the toon blast music 😂

  14. TapL just streaming the whole chat: hi youtube

  15. F in the chat for fishing rod

  16. TapL please do this again just with every 30 seconds lol

  17. Mark Han says:

    Make a uhc but if you mine you die to mine you need took like axe

  18. You can make a Enchanted golden apple