Minecraft UHC but every ITEM you hold = 1% more HEALTH…

November 10, 2020 by 29 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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Minecraft UHC but every ITEM you hold = 1% more HEALTH…


29 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every ITEM you hold = 1% more HEALTH…”

  1. i live in pennsylvania, should i just grasp the air?

  2. jmslip says:

    have you tried doing uhc but xp drops form stone

  3. AJ Navarro says:

    it was my bday and today sucked so thank you

  4. The cuddly saudi arabia unexpectedly announce because shovel radiologically nest out a willing lisa. righteous, absorbing arithmetic

  5. Sav Annah says:

    it is indeed my birthday (@_@)

  6. Why is every tool you make directly enchanted? Maybe i dont know because i am new here

  7. *start*: sorry I
    cant grab Pennsylvania

  8. its my birthday and i still dont have twich

  9. SO I start to watch this and then he says grab Pennsylvania and me as a person who lives there I am triggered

  10. ameer playz says:

    Just get 10 shulker boxes or ender chests filled with dirt and leaves

  11. This is so stupid, just insta chop a bunch of trees, make a load of wood slabs

  12. I live in pennslyvania

  13. jensieboylol says:

    you are a gold digger

  14. Logan Lane says:

    It was a couple days off my birthday

  15. Crxshd says:

    Thanks for wishing a great birthday it was really fun. I had a great cake but could not see anybody and that made me sad but you made me happy. I can't believe my favourite youtuber remembered i guess you have a better memory than my mom.

  16. Sorry my birthday is in 9 days 😂😅

  17. Thanks for telling me and more happy birthday today is my birth day

  18. Daniel Long says:

    I like you and you are very very nice

  19. Bruhbrodoyo says:

    The day this vid was created wasn't my birthday. But the day I made this comments was!

  20. CreepyTown says:

    It was almost My birthday

  21. ツParacosm says:

    It’s actually my birthday today too…