Minecraft UHC but you earn OP LOOT every 100 BLOCKS you MINE…

November 25, 2020 by 42 Comments

Minecraft UHC but you earn OP LOOT every 100 BLOCKS you MINE…
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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42 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you earn OP LOOT every 100 BLOCKS you MINE…”

  1. What was the last part

  2. Same because The original one is so good you picked a good one tapl

  3. TapL: "the ravine goes on forever. It never ends!!!"
    Me: "I know… I know. that's what she said."

  4. this would have been so much easier if you went to the nether and mined

  5. Maria Pham says:

    The bawdy lycra endoscopically smell because work macropharmacologically reflect excluding a defiant rowboat. curved, juicy karen

  6. U got a new subscriber

  7. 4:22 mans missed diamonds lol

  8. Trxps says:

    i cringed when he dropped half a stack of golden apples lol

  9. "Shtack of Gold"


  10. Jesiah Young says:

    Wait can I ask how do I use these mods or whatever they are on my Minecraft??

  11. Ilgaz Aktaş says:

    You could make a n9tch aple

  12. UHC ideas:
    the only blocks you can place are those with UIs (crafting tables, furnaces, enchanting tables, chests, etc.)
    The player with the (most health/best armor/whatever qualifier) has the glowing effect from spectral arrows(whatever that's called)

  13. Adham Adel says:

    Play UHC on 1.17

  14. Toxic YTE says:

    What pack is that with the blocks? I really want it

  15. Axl Black says:

    idiot!!!!! you had a stack of notch apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL

  16. You had 64 God apples

  17. Bray Diggy says:


    TAPL. 2021

  18. Can you do UHC where the armor is invisible?

  19. Guo Yuhao says:

    Don’t cobwebs grant you infinite crits, why break out of it

  20. Manu Foni says:

    on the enf you had 64 notch apples

  21. Daniel Cid says:

    Dude I saw "CROSS" im not lie :

  22. PLAYER says:

    Place a dire and mine a dirt and Place a dire and mine a dirt and Place a dire and mine a dirt and Place a dire and mine a dirt and go on.

  23. Reversal says:

    I like how at the end one time everyone is calm eating and second later its chaos just for it to be calm again for seconds

  24. Rav4 says:

    TapL: takes out a diamond ore from his inventory Me: WTH?????

  25. Kirk Brohman says:

    I can’t get a gaming PC): so i can’t have mods.

  26. this video was hecktick ngl

  27. thimothy says:

    wait is TNT not op? you can keep placing it and insta breaking it

  28. Wyatt Gordon says:

    I love these UHC videos at the time I write this it’s been 2+ months since his last. I hope he continues them!

  29. Lol you say on gold is "golden iron" LOLLLL

  30. Quinn Dart says:

    You should've used a cobblestone generator.

  31. Ahahahahahhahahahahahahaha Lol 😂

  32. Wow I love Natral selection wwe charlotte flair fan wowawwwaw

  33. Beat saber says:

    Is that your new skin?

  34. I would like to believe that he uses a random thing generator for the intro.

  35. Rooziie says:

    10:04 "im running out of golden apples" me: Eh em you got 64 mate

  36. I haven't started the video but it sounds void OH NO

  37. Is just me who find cringe that he was eating normal golden apples instead of god apples when he died ?