November 12, 2020 by 32 Comments

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32 Replies to “mythology.”

  1. Já Banán says:

    I just love that pronounciaution of Hades 😂, Heydeez. It sounds like some fastfood chain like Wendy's

  2. Swisskiller says:

    You put more effort into the ads than the videos

  3. Maksym Y. says:

    where did his video about pirate gone ? had no time to watch that and when i got some i cant :C

  4. Bo Jangles says:

    When the ad is as funny as the main video.

  5. Well that was the most annoying ad from 2000 that I've ever heard.

  6. Isnt it pronounced Nordu VPNu ?

  7. You could build earthen fortifications and turn them into gold

  8. dimoddio says:

    I'm only here for the Nord ad.

  9. I love that the quintessential greek philosophers all just rambled like too high stoners and then there's Diogenes just being the Greek GG Allin

  10. Bach Mann says:

    Is it wrong that half the reason I watch Internet Historian is because of the ads. "Philosophy"

  11. Re: Icarus. Even if they couldn't fly, they could climb mountains. And even if you never climbed a mountain, you could see the snow at the top. So yeah, they knew things got cold higher up. But also, whoever wrote this myth probably thought the sun was a lot closer to the earth than it was, so when it says Icarus flew close to the sun you shouldn't think "flew to a high altitude but the sun is still millions of miles away", you should think "got right up in the sun's face."

  12. Leave it to Internet Historian to make a VPN look cool.

  13. Steve says:

    Stede is going to the nether lol

  14. I'd love to see him do a video on the bass pro shop in Memphis

  15. Fynn Hopkins says:

    yo shoutout to the isle of wight festival, i can see my house from there

  16. Do foxes even eat grapes?

  17. i love that wehn he says africa his eye turns the wrong way

  18. Peef Rimgar says:

    sad y'all didn't talk about Diogenes other than showing the painting of him. great video

  19. Josh Elliott says:

    That was a great episode of Nord-ruto

  20. That was by far the best paid sponsor ad that I have ever seen in my entire life

  21. Josh Elliott says:

    Of Midas was dying of hunger, then things that touched his mouth weren't turning to gold, because he wasn't dying of thirst

  22. Sam Egerland says:

    Is it wrong for me to want a video made up only of the sponsor characters?

  23. That Orpheus bit read like a D&D session

  24. Moon Mun says:

    That ad though… Nord VPN anime when xD
    With that Midas Touch… The water didn't turn into gold, right? Does that mean he could have survived with soup? XD

  25. Joseph E says:

    Literally all of these are Greek myths except for one Hebrew one. Smh you're sleeping on the vast reservoir of fucked-up shit that happens in Norse legend. Should have read the one where Odin sneaks into a mountain to drink orange juice that makes him smart

  26. Joseph E says:

    Usually yt comment sections are the most vapid, heinous shit you can imagine but pretty much everything in this one actually has something to contribute. Startling

  27. Five buck says that he's going to talk about Halo infinite being a disaster

  28. FrankPlane says:

    Nord VPN song sounds like something out of Sonic Adventure 2

  29. Its nice of stede bonnet to come and help you with another video

  30. Justice for Orpheus' wife

  31. schmo49 says:

    Socrates being alex jones put me in a good humor