Role of the Storage Administrator

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Direct Attached Storage (DAS) has in recent years been eclipsed by the Storage Area Network (SAN), particularly in the enterprise environment. With this accountability, management and ownership of support has moved away from the server Systems Administrator.

This has led to the development of the dedicated Storage Administrator, as there are today dedicated Windows and Unix Administrators.

The basic roles of the storage team are to architect, design, plan, implement, administer, control, and generally provide support and optimization of SAN and pooled storage systems, in partnership with other teams and functions throughout the IT department. Some of the key tasks a Storage Administrator would be expected to perform are listed below.

Manage current storage environment

– Incorporates disk, tape, SAN, and storage software

– Resolve storage short falls

– Alert and resolve performance issues and advise end users

– High availability of data to all applications

– Data Migrations

– Replication

Application support

– Work with application developers to determine storage requirements

– Work with existing programmers, System Administrators and DBAs to optimize storage


– Maintain proper backup schedules

– Restore and recover data as requested

– Facilitate off-site storage of tape

Monitor existing storage environment

– Disk usage

– Performance

– Storage availability

– Reporting on status

Capacity planning

– Forecast pipeline of storage growth

– Determine allocation of different storage and service tiers

New product evaluations

– Provide input from vendor proposals and input to requirements

– Due diligence on new software

– Drive vendor testing against test plan

New installations

– Responsible for planning and execution of the storage installation

– Perform any host-level tasks need to access new storage

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