Top 11 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Biome Makeover, Logistics Lasers, Masonry Blocks & More!

November 21, 2020 by 30 Comments

We have 10 fantastic mods this week and 1 amazing update! The mods include Traveler’s Index, Spawn Lanterns, Potato Gun, More Paths, Masonry Blocks, Logistics Lasers, Extra TNT, Easy Piglins, Pet Revival, Colored Slime Blocks, and Biome Makeover.

🍿Mods Of The Week Playlist🍿

👇Links to all the mods are below.👇

reddit –

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Traveler’s Index
1:14 Spawn Lanterns
1:51 Potato Gun
2:13 More Paths
2:33 Masonry Blocks
3:02 Logistics Lasers
4:04 Extra TNT
5:16 Easy Piglins
5:44 Pet Revival
6:26 Colored Slime Blocks
6:47 Biome Makeover
8:55 Outro

Traveler’s Index:

Spawn Lanterns:

Potato Gun:

More Paths:

Masonry Blocks:

Logistics Lasers:

Extra TNT:

Easy Piglins:

Pet Revival:

Colored Slime Blocks:

Biome Makeover:

Music by MBB

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30 Replies to “Top 11 Minecraft Mods Of The Week | Biome Makeover, Logistics Lasers, Masonry Blocks & More!”

  1. Boodlyneck says:

    I tried background music in this video. What do you guys think? Should I use music or no? Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Awful says:

    I have a question: What's your favorite vanilla minecraft monster?

  3. Next week could you do the 1.12 rails of war mode?

  4. No Thermal Foundation / COFH? Sad…

  5. Tom Goodham says:

    Pls do a modded survival series

  6. I have a Forge Modpack and i can't use cool mods like Omni or Biome Makeover 🙁

  7. That’s it, this boi is getting a subscribe from me. This channel is epic.

  8. Infra - Eye says:

    what app are you using for changing the config files? nice videos but I wish there were more 1.12.2 mods

  9. 2:00 why dind you not tell technoblade

  10. Boodlyneck: top 10 mimecraft mods

    My 14 year old computer: :-:

  11. Every time you say “hey everybody”, i just think of whale dance

  12. You should make it a modded server

  13. most of my mods are from you 🙂

    Keep up the great work

  14. This guy seeds more subscribers

  15. Me on Forge without Biome Makrover compatibility: -_-

  16. Soviet Bear says:

    That badlands improvement mod shows exactly what a mod should aim to be

  17. modnik1 says:


    (please put in next shutout)

  18. Biome Makeover is going to be big.

  19. Enenra says:

    Spawn lanterns was probbably inspired by the forest.
    At the end of the game you get the item that does the exact same thing.

  20. Jimmy West says:

    Another great video, love the music.

  21. UrMum IsFat says:

    Keep up the good work dude!

  22. ScorgonJon2k says:

    Please showcase the Minecraft JoJo mod.

  23. Every time I see these videos, there will forever be one part I hate; please fix the O.

  24. "… all the messy pipes and wires"
    * sobs * but i like pipes and wires…

  25. Super video all the mod are genius . Also I have started creating a mod pack and I think I will add them

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