Why is the PS5 So Big? | Waterjet Channel PS5 Review

November 13, 2020 by 23 Comments

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A recent study showed that the grocery store freezer door handle had more lurking bacteria than the toilet seat. So stop touching stuff already.

The PS5 hype is insane, and the aftermarket ps5 price is climbing! But with reason, it’s a really awesome machine. With all technology getting smaller and smaller, why is the PS5 so big? We answered the question everyone wasn’t asking. I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you learned something.

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23 Replies to “Why is the PS5 So Big? | Waterjet Channel PS5 Review”

  1. You guys should try to cut tungsten. That would be interesting to see

  2. Julian Vera says:

    I’m crying you made a grown dude cry RIP ps5 you never even got to play a game on it

  3. You didn't make 4 PS5s, it's 4 PS1.25s. Simple math, guys.


  5. Iam APEX147 says:

    1 year of asking if you can try to cut tungsten please I have waited so long

  6. Cat Teenager says:

    bruh you cut something working apart thats brand new just released, someone made this for you to buy, put expevsive working components in for you to cut, never for the components to be used again. wtf.

  7. Team Kimochi says:

    Hello Mr.Beast alt

  8. Could’ve just opened it but whatever

  9. Microsoft loves you.

  10. Please gimme PS5 <3

  11. Be mad at both the scalper and the person buying from them because you are encouraging them to do it.

  12. Tyler Neff says:

    I’d like to send them a push mower engine to cut so it can turn but u can see it moving

  13. Kinetex says:

    When you buy from a scalper

  14. Andrew Tuong says:

    This makes me so sad bc of all the nights I stayed up just to end up without a ps5

  15. JWB Games _ says:

    This is ridiculous I'm over here still playing a PS4 and y'all motherfuckers cutting up a PS5

  16. That fan is huge also the console is very tall because of the heat sinks

  17. Why are you cutting a good machine apart you should be getting x crap known as the Microsoft garbage machine and cut it in half not a good PlayStation

  18. 7 ten says:

    Do y'all have proof copper kills the beer 19 virus? Or is that just an empty claim?
    Just curious…

  19. Lee Gould says:

    Why no lick test on the mother board?

  20. Lee Gould says:

    Put it back in the box and return it, say it was like that when you opened it…

  21. Victoryous1 says:

    I know what you want…. 😔 3:35