29 Replies to “Casually Explained: Cooking”

  1. todd says:

    heeey guuuys, casually explained here…

  2. Bruce says:

    That ngiiiew

  3. Nate Canji says:

    2 uploads in a month???

  4. I literally ate a raw cup of noodles today, i didnt even put it in water or anything

  5. Matija Lekic says:

    why tf is this video in 60fps

  6. Chess Weeb says:

    Excuse me I’m looking to fill the hole in my soul by cooking check your privilege

  7. My cooking tip is make pasta. You boil it for 9 minutes or something, slap sauce on there, add an olive on top and people will think you’re cultured!

  8. the 'neeerrrrwww" at the begin I-

  9. Clarinethro says:

    An absolute mad lad. He uploaded two time in a month

  10. Niue says:

    This dude went from dropping 3 times in 6 months to 2 times in a week.

  11. Savant says:

    Should have featured "You Suck at Cooking"

  12. LightBread says:

    he must be dying and uploading his last will and testament

  13. Casually Explained has consistent uploads??? I must be in an alternate dimension or smth

  14. cronos 68 says:


  15. ursoburned says:

    I went from making frozen pizza to culinary school and now I can cook frozen chicken nuggets.

  16. Some dude says:

    Do I smell slightly moving pictures making an animation due to an increase in budget from Express VPN? No? Its just my Ravioli burning? oh, never mind then.

  17. Basil Sini says:

    using a 300$ japanese knife for condiments on a 0.50¢ ramen cup

    ah yes the negotiator

  18. Jake Harris says:

    Ha pro cooks eating frozen pizza? You got the JD right but we often substitute the pizza for ciggies and ching

  19. BOAG** says:

    Blessed is with 2 videos in a month

  20. Rant Me says:

    What's this?? 2 vids in a week? Wottttt?

  21. Prosercunus says:

    I don't know how many times I have been to a fancy restaurant and wish I would have just went to Chick-fil-A

  22. AerialAcorn says:

    "Mise en Place" = Forgetting half the shit you need
    I spat out my drink at that one

  23. Hellen Mek says:

    Ah I gotta love his specialty:
    I rate it 3 stars ⭐⭐⭐
    Yours cincererly,
    Michelin Man

  24. Judy Wu says:

    This isn’t casually explained. He’d never upload twice in a month.

  25. E2 says:

    Casually explained uploads 2 videos in one week. Maybe 2020 was not so bad after all