46 Replies to “Casually Explained: The Food of the World”

  1. your moms cooler than you

  2. THELIME says:

    As an american i agree

  3. za says:

    Referring to Baklava as Greek and Döner as middle eastern gave me cancer

  4. Mr. Pogee says:

    For Filipinos, our meal is mostly about:


    PS: I almost forgot to mention. We also eat rice.

  5. Grace Dalton says:

    Never heard casually explained expressing so much emotion when he was talking about Tunnbrodsrulle

    And I'm totally here for it

  6. Sir J4M4L says:

    "your ego is more inflated than turkeys currency"
    me as a Turk: WAIT, that's impossible

  7. Chetan B. says:

    As an Indian myself, I can confirm that Indian Food was perfectly explained

    Rich in heritage and Incredibly diverse

  8. "Salsa, which is the Mexican word for homemade Ketchup" LOL yeah that's a fair assessment.

  9. Oh my god it’s been out for less than an hour, I’ve never been this early 😝

  10. doctor who0w says:

    haha that video was funny and accurate, except for that one part you said about my country was completely wrong and now I'm angry

  11. el admin says:

    how do i get un vac?

  12. Holy Fuck you're back

  13. we take baklava for tzatziki…fair trade

  14. Rana says:

    RIP kids in africa.

  15. -_- says:

    No pierogi 🙁

  16. Mans didn’t even mention fish for scandinavia

  17. Punisher Lee says:

    The greatest Turkish roast of the video 🤣🤣💔

  18. Mi Ka says:

    I watched that ramen school series and immediately regretted wanting to learn how to make ramen

  19. Pikachu Fanz says:

    "and i forgot native american! oh wait thats not a country, we took it" I laughed so hard

  20. Fleetz says:

    hey, on swedish side of things, tunnbrödsrulle is awsome. Surströmming is what you need to google and laugh about !

  21. You used to be a nice guy.

    Turned into an asshole.

  22. Anime Fr says:

    Pewdiepie needs to react & save Swedens food honor😋

  23. Judy Wu says:

    Omg he’s back

  24. I feel like Casually Explained had fun with that UN lunch bit, his laugh felt genuine and that makes me happy.

  25. halleks says:

    yo the twitter link in desc is fucked up

  26. America food is boring bland and big

  27. roro n says:

    U should change the title from the food of the world to the food I know about.

  28. Typowy Laman says:

    Slightly mad about no pierogi xD

  29. I've never seen an American (right?) discussing the rivalry for the origin of foods between Greece and Turkey. You may self-deprecate a shit ton but damn you're educated in cultures

  30. Shraster P says:

    not to brag, ive been breathing for all my life

  31. Lynxe says:

    U want a mufukin tunnbrödsrulle let me serve you one

  32. Omg he actually sounds like Jamie off JRE

  33. Willem says:

    fun fact but in the netherlands we can have chocolate sprinkles for breakfast but they instantly melt

  34. I forgot Native American…oh wait nvm we took it from them. And by it we mean the country and the corn.

  35. You see sir I have, as well, eaten food all my life. You are clearly one of us.

  36. Am middle eastern. Can confirm we don't know what the fuck "tsaziki" is, so it's probably Greek.

  37. CounterBoyBP says:

    "French people themselves don't actually eat anything"
    Yeah, the only thing I've seen them eat is their win-lose ratio to their own citizens

  38. he is so racisly non-offensive humorous

  39. DağhanAbi says:

    Lol Greek food.

  40. Tim Thiele says:

    A bavarian would kill you for writing Bretzel with P

  41. PlaceBotox says:

    Pav is Aussie, anyone that disagrees post your bench pb; if you have to ask what that means you're wrong by default.

  42. Wow so funny except the part about my country because you didnt even mention the great expanse of culture

  43. Pine says:

    As a British person, I find is accurate