EASY PUMPKIN / MELON FARM TUTORIAL! | Minecraft Bedrock 1.16+

December 25, 2020 by 50 Comments

need a lot of pumpkins or melons relatively quickly? this is the farm for you! in this video i show you step by step how to build an easy efficient fully automatic pumpkin or melon farm on minecraft bedrock edition. this farm also works on java edition. this farm is for bedrock 1.16 and up.

wattly intro – 0:00
supplies – 0:53
step one – 2:15
step two – 4:20
step three – 6:11
expansion – 7:40

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if you read this comment “pumpkin time”

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50 Replies to “EASY PUMPKIN / MELON FARM TUTORIAL! | Minecraft Bedrock 1.16+”

  1. wattles says:

    hi merry christmas everyone

  2. carlos cruz says:

    Iron farm for Bedrock, that would be nice.

  3. Got 3 of these 2 for pumpkin one for melons

  4. Hopcey says:

    NOTE the blocks and Redstone doest matter on the top just make sure its in the grid pattern

  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe, healthy and happy.

  6. Ujjwal Kakar says:

    I know all this, Yet I still watched….
    Dunno why

  7. Why did you not do another guide video?

  8. Witter skeleton skull farm plz 😊

  9. Kiterpuss says:

    We got a villager breeder and a food farm. Could a bedrock iron farm be coming up?

  10. Fiqz says:

    YEAY.. more farm for BEDROCK.. 😆😆😆 Gonna make this ASAP..

    Day 12 of asking wattles to make Minecraft guide for bedrock version in the future..

  11. Sahil Verma says:

    Anyone here from EARTH

  12. Omiee 007 says:

    Love you bro for doing bedrock edition farms

  13. Just want to confirm, by being expandable, is it okay for to:
    A. Just make minecart railway longer, or
    B. I have to rebuild a whole new set altogether with the new 4×4 grid?


  14. I noticed that he's playing bedrock edition now its amazing!

  15. Mr Bacon says:

    Zombie spawner farm

  16. WLY RL says:

    Merry Christmas thanks for the bedrock farm!

  17. u k player says:

    I was going to build this thanks

  18. Did they change observers in bedrock recently? I thought they could only detect stalk stage growth not the actual stalk moving when a melon grows

  19. Ragex Tico says:

    How to do switch to bedrock edition? (I have Minecraft from Tlauncher)

  20. Shambhu Nath says:

    Does mob will spawn in a spawn chunk even if we are 128 block away from the area

  21. LeeTuah says:

    Iron farm in bedrock would be a Good tutorial

  22. Merry Christmas and a happy new year Mr Wattles.
    Can we get a villager trading hall?

  23. Gamers 77 says:

    Long live Wattles I think you should join hermitcraft because you have the talent

  24. vingo wzeng says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  25. Uday Vala says:

    Start the survival series in bedrock version.

  26. Yasin Jek says:

    thanks wattles cause make a bedrock guide

  27. Black family says:

    Plss do a cow farm for bedrock or java

  28. Bedrock edition: I require specific farms.
    Java edition: I can use whatever farm.
    Me who bought Java edition: Big brain move.

  29. thanks! I play mostly bedrock! It came out pretty nice. I did add pillars and a roof to the top though! Looks really cool

  30. Mamata Singh says:

    How wanted that wattles get 1M subscriber 👍✋

  31. addieoop ! says:

    pumpkin time


  32. Tommy Corder says:

    Been wattling my way through all the bedrock farm videos and I’m super grateful. Keep em’ coming

  33. Omar Delgado says:

    Just what I needed

  34. Sean Poli says:

    I really appreciate the bedrock tutorials. This is my favorite Minecraft YouTuber and I’m a bedrock player. Be cool to see a bedrock survival series.

  35. NoName No says:

    would love to see wattles on hermitcraft season 8

  36. Nickk R says:

    Melons or pumpkins people?

  37. Please make an iron farm tutorial for bedrock

  38. This works on Java I have a 30 piston/observer one in my world

  39. How close do you need to be for the farm to be loaded in?

  40. Would love more of these. Thank you…

  41. is there such thing as a similar type of potato farm???

  42. Adriana A says:

    Not sure if you did that already, but can you show us how to make a nice farm to capture zombies and infect villagers so we can transform them back and get great deals? (Damn… MC is so not PC! lol)

  43. Zulu Romeo says:

    The perfect subject for a Christmas-themed Minecraft video.

    As in, "yippie ki yay, melon (and pumpkin) farmer" 😜