Hacking Remotely: Getting an Internet Connection in the Middle of Nowhere [Tutorial]

December 31, 2020 by 21 Comments

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How to Get Good Internet in Remote Locations
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 204

Hacking remotely can be quite difficult, particularly if you find yourself somewhere rural. In this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’re going to go over your different internet options, including satellite, cellular, and DSL connections, and hash out their pros and cons. We’ll also talk about mobile hotspots, cell phone boosters, and channel bonding.

To learn more, check out the article on Null Byte: https://nulb.app/z6vtv

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21 Replies to “Hacking Remotely: Getting an Internet Connection in the Middle of Nowhere [Tutorial]”

  1. lostie-case says:

    thanks man.. Cant wait for the next video.
    ive realised i came to same conclusions. local wan is crap. opted for 4g instead. 15 per month prepaid for 200gibbiebytez – i never looked back.
    the only issue im having lately is tryin to find a solution for it to be more stable, do some sort of load balancing or link aggregation but cannot seem to find all those sweet info that are for isp eyes only πŸ˜€ partner offers u know. the cheap ones. XD

  2. Kamari Malik says:

    You can get more info about me on my channel πŸ˜πŸ’‹ πŸ’πŸ’–β€οΈ

  3. waiting as patiently as possible for starlink—
    thanks for the video

  4. Do any of these new hotspot type devices support wifi 6? Do any of them support 5g since I am in an area that has it? Category 16 or higher?

  5. Tim Hunold says:

    Mofi has great admin option but the ethernet is 100 not gig. I use the Nighthawk and get 250/40 frequently in rural Oregon. Both are able to use Yagi antennas with wires and adapter. I wrote a blog on medium called mobile hotspot speed tuning.

  6. Metro Polis says:

    Crazy and unacceptable. If you want to have internet outside of the city center today, you have to have your own satellite. Despite the large license fees that the governments receive from the providers, the infrastructure for this is only being created slowly. It is a buisness and not a basic right. Where technically it would be so easy. ps. : Magenta from T-mobile is a German company and is called TELEKOM. Was previously a state enterprise and was called "Deutsche POST". pss .: your videos are great. I have learned so much from your vids which used to be gaudy to me I understand almost everything today.

  7. I expected more from you 0:35 you blinked.

  8. Ouch! Frontier! That's the bottom of the barrel for ISP'S. Luckily, I moved and dumped that festering pile of crap.

  9. Love how there is a 20GB cap on the satellite I definitely would not be able to do that i use 1 terabyte a month on my pc only

  10. Joe Vining says:

    I'm 10 minutes into this and it's just an anti Frontier commercial. Get on with it

  11. Livis As says:

    Sir my Facebook account is hacked and all the password , Gmail , and phone no is also change plz help me I'm not lying I can give you all the proofs you want sir.πŸ™

  12. Livis As says:

    Plz teach me how hack into someone's FB account or suggest some spy apps for Android to collect phone data plz sirπŸ™

  13. Yash Kumar says:

    For 110 doller in india we get 150 mb/s download and 100 mb/s upload for 6 months I am using it . It is awesome.

  14. Demon Man123 says:

    "Competing with comcast, who also no none likes" I like comcast.. I got 3-500 mbps internet speed constant with it, and very low latency. (Upload speed was a bit low, at like 10-15 mbps though)

  15. SabayZone says:

    Good video to end this year. Cheers

  16. Cold Blood says:

    So he doesn’t heart comments πŸ™„

  17. Thumbnail and topic suggestion: "How to get Free internet"πŸ˜…

  18. Cryp to says:

    nice video today kody πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  19. John Rice says:

    Don't move to the country if you want 911 to solve your problems. Stay in the city and roast marshmallows as it burns and enjoy your 5g

  20. John Rice says:

    I watched this on Hughesnet. Took like 40 minutes

  21.   says:

    Use starlink it's awesome….