Hello! Music! Yamaha’s $450 Windows 3.1 MIDI Kit from 1992

December 4, 2020 by 34 Comments

Setting up and exploring the Yamaha CBX-T3 synth module and testing it with classic MS-DOS games and early nineties Windows MIDI sequencer software! It may not be a popular General MIDI music option, but being based on the TG100 it still held its own when it launched in late 1992/early 93.

● LGR links:

● Download floppy disk images of the software here:

● Background music courtesy of:

● Featuring MIDI soundtracks from:
Rise of the Triad
Duke Nukem 3D
SimCity 2000
X-COM: UFO Defense
Space Quest III
Passport Designs Jukebox

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34 Replies to “Hello! Music! Yamaha’s $450 Windows 3.1 MIDI Kit from 1992”

  1. Zenek2536 says:

    19:30 What are you doing step-editor

  2. mkaali says:

    ONESTOP.MID please!

  3. That's a pretty cool transition you did there at 12:34!

  4. me v wees says:

    Yep, only nine seconds needed for the like 😂

  5. ichi tensho says:

    basically fruity loops

  6. JohnnyNismo says:

    I use a Roland SC-55ST with a serial cable on my IBM PS2 microchannel 386 and also my NEC PC-982. Serial MIDI is a handy feature to have in a pinch. This thing sounds fantastic too.

  7. stathissim says:

    OK this intro was fantastic, and I'm saying it after watching it for the fifth time

  8. MrMG43 says:

    As an aspiring musician I would love to see more videos focused on retro music gear! More MIDI devices, hardware synths, sequencers/tracker software, all of it!
    Also, we need to see that synth setup!

  9. MrGlere says:

    You made an 1983 B-side Depeche Mode track!

  10. ray windhelm says:

    How much cc does it have

  11. that's a really good tune you crated there! I've been humming it in my head now!

  12. Joshua Keys says:

    Love how he called out EBay sellers who are going to be quick to up the price after this video.

  13. Thanks for reminding me I still "need" to buy a midi synthesizer for DOS.

  14. 88 Keys says:

    the basic distortion guitar sound on this is the same as the gm one on my yamaha tyros. Thank god for the revoice option.

  15. Is MIDI used for, or sound any diff, than the music in the intro? Seems cool, but limited sound. Like robot or fake sounding though. And very little bass.

  16. UubrMan X says:

    One feature I remember being in Windows 98 was being able to set specific midi channels to specific midi devices and synths directly from control panel. Was it also in Windows 95?

  17. driving.mts is dope! I'm picturing it as the background music to a 1995 free VHS tape about the new "World Wide Web". "You're goin' drivin' on the inter – net"

  18. the intro of Driving.mts sound like a Devo Song!

  19. tbh this is better than ableton

  20. CDScissor says:

    I thought Hello! Music! was a slice of life anime or something… Guess not.

  21. Whenever I watch an LGR video, a man in a peculiar three-tiered conical hat walks by outside my window. He has never said or done anything threatening, nor even looked in my direction. None the less the consistency of his appearance and the strangeness of his hat unsettles me. Does this happen to anyone else?

  22. Laine Baker says:

    Holy crow, I forgot how good the original XCOM score was! :O

  23. Tim W. says:

    Your first demo song ended up being super syncopated and interesting. I can't imagine trying to make music with this program tho ._.

  24. I'd like to hear, "I wanna rock" by twisted sister. In midi.

  25. M R says:

    Having lights for all the channels makes this the ultimate piece of luxury equipment for any collector looking for the ultimate classic experience

  26. jimbo says:

    Thanks, a great run through of consumer midi gear. At the time (1992) I had an amiga running Octamed (tracker) which had all of those midi capabilities if you had an interface but I just sampled/sequenced instead.

  27. If you used a sequencer could you also have an eq?

  28. heavyq says:

    Yo can we get that live mix as an MP3 download?

  29. Momentvm says:

    cool fact – canyon.mid was also created by Passport Designs' own George Stone. 🙂

  30. BoneYard says:

    Tyrian is such a great game

  31. MonamiTech says:

    8:30 I didn’t know that X-Com’s intro music was good until now. Great..

  32. Mikael says:

    S W A N K Y !