Top 5 Biggest Tantrums of 2020

Today, we’re going over our top 5 biggest tantrums of 2020.

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49 Replies to “Top 5 Biggest Tantrums of 2020”

  1. Still can't get over Link's beard

  2. Doughnut says:

    I’m watching this at 3 in the morning (I can’t sleep help)

  3. Jasper Jones says:

    There's beans and then there's green beans. Rhett's right.

  4. Green Beans
    Category : Vegetable
    Definition : Mother-flipping Tube of Disgrace
    Origin : GMM (2020)
    Author : Rhett James McLaughlin

  5. Roby Love says:

    Wow. Link grows a beard quickly! Merry Christmas Mythical crew!

  6. I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  7. I haven't watched GMM for a while and Link with a beard shocked me a little bit ngl

  8. jeff mcclure says:

    Happy Cotton Candy Day daddies

  9. Omg rhett I'd join your cult

  10. grant wilson says:

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas everyone ❤️ stay safe 🙂

  11. Jason Creed says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for keeping us curious, smiling and laughing through this brutal year.

  12. 10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  13. Pizza sauce and pasta sauce are NOT NOR taste the same!

  14. Links mini tantrum at the last second "It DOES end with that !" (slams tantrum box) . Referring to the iconic last line of every GMM episode "you know what time it is"- even without a wheel to spin on these special count down episodes.

  15. Beards… they grow on you..

  16. Magik Milk says:

    But whenever it comes up again is it a sauce subject?

  17. Lexie Lauren says:

    Okay but like…pasta and pizza sauce aren't the same. LET'S LEAVE THE SIMULATION TOGETHER! …3…2…1 insert Mario emoji

  18. Uhuu so link's allowed to grow a beard but Rhett can't wear glasses
    I see how it is lol

  19. Mike Ghost says:

    This made my morning great!! I laughed and it was good. Happy Holidays my mythical beasts!!!!

  20. I’m glad that link confessed to not speaking real words at the end because I was about to say something haha

  21. It is awesome to watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

  22. Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  23. You can't spell McLaughlin without laugh

  24. People comment random stuff when they see they're early on a video 😉

  25. "IT Doesn't End That Way" 😂😂😂

  26. You already have 16.8 million people in your cult and I'm ready to leave too, this sim has taken it way to far. Either release a new patch or we logout!

  27. Adit Singh says:

    The last time I was this early Link was Link……

  28. Ace Lucia says:

    I was waiting for Rhett to rage at the end of this lol

  29. Vigilante says:

    Link is saying to rhett "okay, we see the beard…but…watch yourself…you don't know what I am truly capable of"

  30. Sean Bailey says:

    Loving links beard

  31. Broklond says:

    Seriously? A fake rant at #1?

  32. Metheril says:

    Oooooo…..I don't know how to feel about link's beard

  33. You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant.

  34. Rob C says:

    one was both of you the other headphone was stevie 🥰

  35. Cassidy Love says:

    Is everyone forgetting about when link thought there was an orbee stuck in his ear 💀😭

  36. Nev Hef says:

    Greetings fellow insomniacs:)

  37. halromalro W says:

    Who has the best yummy daddy look. I’m 50/50.

  38. Rob C says:

    the first month back on set was pretty hectic looking between you two. for a minute i almost thought you were both over doing the show anymore. i was feeling the tension from not doing what you was used to doing everyday then just trying to go right back to it.

  39. I didn't know dust bunny was a word but I'm not complaining ✨

  40. ShakenPig says:

    Who voted for these? Theres so many better examples

  41. Wes Oerly says:

    Stay Humble and remain Positive. I think it's what's Link Sweater says, (;

  42. Sandi Wood says:

    Just love you guys. Merry Christmas!!! <3

  43. Levi Curiel says:

    Let's try this again people.
    This is day #69 of asking Rhett and Link to do this idea – What if you guys got all of the BEST dishes from previous episodes (e.i. Animal Style mac& cheese, sweet nashville chicken, etc.) and put them head-to-head on a tournament-style competition in order to determine which creation is the BEST of the BEST? That would be AWESOME!!!

  44. Jayhain Xj9 says:

    Jason Nguyen tell me now comment!

  45. Link looks real good 😍