2000 Degree Anvil vs. Ballistic Gel Torso

January 29, 2021 by 37 Comments

We took half an anvil and heated it up to 2000 degrees and then did things that shouldn’t be done at home. Luckily we were at work. The Clear Ballistics Gel Torso was awesome and It wasn’t as dangerous as it looked.

What should we do next?

These are still available – https://waterjetknives.com/products/odd-shaped-metal-object

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37 Replies to “2000 Degree Anvil vs. Ballistic Gel Torso”

  1. Electric bill be like: 📈📈📈

  2. I noticed that you didn't pick test the anvil… Any reason?

  3. JH Gaming says:

    Lol "makes a good fire starter" remember if your ever stranded on a desert island, just bring a kiln!

  4. SeeMeNow says:

    Seriously I love y’all’s videos! Everyone buy merch so we can see more silly stuff!

  5. Football says:

    ive always wondered what would happen if you put a red hot anvil through ballistic gel

  6. kittykaten says:

    3:10 thats some flaming hot chips!

  7. today I learned that ballistic gel can be melted and recast

  8. I don’t believe it was hot, you painted it red, there was no lick test Mitchell!!

  9. Wormcowboy says:

    I hope you guys researched how dangerous kilns are beforehand! Be careful! Also enjoy your super cancer from the burning plastic 😳

  10. 3 Stupid Guys is my FAVORITE 🙂 Love ya!

  11. I love this series called "3 stupid guys surrounded by heavy machinery"

  12. Can you put out a fire with only Salsa?

  13. Joe smoe says:

    Unsold Doritos are used as Fuel for their heating system in the chip factory

  14. Those chips sure looked spicy.

  15. This is the kind of stupid stuff I used to do as a kid, just with less power tools…and more danger. Thinking back maybe I should have stopped after setting the neighbor’s yard on fire.

  16. Waterman824 says:

    Nothing better than the smell of napalm

  17. Sean Wilson says:

    1:19 always, when i put that much water, the noodles lose flavor. i put enough water to barely cover the top of the noodles. O_o

  18. Ronin User says:

    Hoovie’s garage has one of the mechanics tasting things. It’s essentially a flat out ripoff.

  19. Unsubscribing because of the blatant waste and burning of plastic for no apparent purpose

  20. I IZ KITTY says:

    where is your shop? I think I am in the same general area.

  21. shnoiken says:

    exequte order 66

  22. BladeCast says:

    Man that anvil was really close to burning them clothes.

  23. Owen Kotal says:

    The real hero in this is the bondo, let's be honest

  24. Maze says:

    C O M P R E S S I O N

  25. Lotuscat:3 says:

    "Why men live less than women; the video"

  26. 3:29 you probably don't want to get hit in the balls with that one

  27. incy55 says:

    HOw come you didn't lick the anvil when it came out of the oven

  28. WYFT says:

    Video was just an excuse to light stuff on fire 😂 great content guys.. 👌🏼

  29. more kiln content would be apreciated

  30. Who bought a bag of chips instead of a bag of popcorn? C'mon guys… 😂
    Also watching '3 stupid guys… and Craig' is a highlight of my week!

  31. 5:02 the fastest boiling that I've ever seen

  32. These videos just keep getting better and better!

  33. Sc ott says:

    This is like the good ol' RHNB content from carsandwater back in the day.

  34. Racketier says:

    Darts Vader’s funeral.

  35. King Berserk says:

    Glad y’all went outside 🤣🤣