Building a Bigger, Badder MIDI Mountain

January 15, 2021 by 39 Comments

Let’s assemble a MIDI RackMountain! The idea is the same as the first MIDI Mountain: combine a bunch of MIDI synths together to make a mountain of musical goodness. But instead of just stacking it all up, this time it’s going in an 8U rack-mount case! Plus a few upgrades, like a rack-mounted Roland MT-32, an 8-channel mixer and MIDI thru box, a clicky power strip, and more vintage General MIDI modules. Also a stupid equalizer, ha.

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00:00 Intro
02:45 Parts Selection
15:57 Build Begins!
24:15 First Tests
27:09 MIDI Keyboarding
30:29 Enjoying the Mountain
44:52 Packing It Up!
46:41 Summary/Outro

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39 Replies to “Building a Bigger, Badder MIDI Mountain”

  1. LGR says:

    Captions are still being worked on, I'll have them posted as soon as possible!

  2. When are we getting the LGR case badges?

  3. Andi Palmer says:

    At least your equaliser didn’t say „Equaliser“ on the level indicator screen xD

  4. When you need to take your MIDI for a walk

  5. Gábor Vajda says:

    Sometimes just sliding it in from behind makes all the difference.

  6. mckeznak says:

    When do we get an LGR Synth channel?!?!?!?!

  7. I want one! 😁👍

  8. I dare you to connect up a buchla easel to play doom soundtrack on it wia midi.

  9. bf0189 says:

    Love me some ROMplers! Great job assembling it…shame the spectrum analyzer is fake 🙁

    I've always enjoyed how uncanny MIDI could sound because the instruments were close but not exactly there. It gives it a unique sound! Plus it's fun to see what different units sound like etc on the fly.

    Is there a Korg unit with the same or very similiar presets from the M1 but in a small form factor? I know there's a whole rackmount version (I have one!) but you wouldn't have the space. That's what I would personally replace the Akai with and who doesn't like the early 90s house music organ from the M1!

  10. Atlas Videos says:

    I enjoy your MIDI adventures 🙂

  11. Where can we listen to your music?

  12. Prock Rog says:

    "Yeah, rolling midi rack mountain"… 😀 Sounded like a country song 😀

    NICE setup. Enjoy!

    And, yes, I'm one of the haters. Don't like MIDI sounds at all in terms of making "real" music, but for experiencing retro games in their natural habitat, they sound smashing, and usually way better than a Sound Blaster. For real music though, I need some good old analog synths!

  13. I hope that mixer has mute toggles on each input, that way, you can balance all 5 devices to each other, then use 2 button presses (mute previous output, unmute new output) to switch between them, and have them perfectly balanced for both recording for video, as well as for listening.

  14. 3dh says:

    Neat 📸
    Except for the equalizer 😁

  15. Ben says:

    is there a "right" way to listen to midis? obviously they all sound different but is one of them the more correct way to listen or are they just that: different?

  16. Oh God the amount of blue LEDs on that Equalizer.

  17. palvier flex says:

    This Needs Some wood grain tlc

  18. Shloopers says:

    "It just works"

  19. Steve Streza says:

    This is the most 1994 video to exist on this website.

  20. LGR always the best to watch in the morning with a coffee. Thanks for the years of entertainment.

  21. Arendt Here says:

    It seems like all the MIDI-devices had MIDI-thru. Why not just daisy-chain them together, and then give them each their own chanel? I bet the chanel could be controlled through software

  22. Putting a rack together can be so satisfying.

  23. LGR!!! You should get an AKAI MPC drum machine/sampler!! You could make some amazing songs with a drum machine

  24. When do we get to use your tunes, clint?

  25. Ezra K says:

    You should post some of your music, I'd love to hear it

  26. dna598 says:

    Hey can you show us how you set up your synths and patchbay? Please?

  27. Klax0n says:

    noooo i so wanted canyon

  28. Would it make sense to use the MIDI thru's of the midi devices and daisy chain them all? Opens up an extra unit to put a D type connector panel for your inputs and outputs, and means you'll never need to open the back again

  29. kazefalke says:

    You should get some nice wood grain vinyl to apply to the case. Like the 3M vinyl. Would add that wood grain without the cost of something custom.

  30. mtndewhero says:

    stop saying midi

  31. 1:16 no big deal, just gonna reveal this OTHER midi mountain

  32. LGR Music? C'mon! I know you wanna!

  33. biboKralle says:

    I can only recommend the BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERB channel! 🙂

  34. Andrew says:

    You should try to release a song this year!

  35. MIDI Mountain is THE BEST!! And TBH, I thought it was early 2019 when you originally did it, so it's not just you!