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January 1, 2021 by 39 Comments

How are all you beautiful people today? I hope you’ve had an awesome week and I hope 2021 is better for you than last year. Today I melt down a heap of bullets from a subscriber which I thought were all lead but apparently not ,I’m thinking there was a heap of brass and copper bullets in there as well as I needed to heat it to twice the melting point of lead For it to melt. I also did a couple of other small pieces to pretty it up a bit as that’s one hell of an ugly bar . Have a great week my friends and I will see you all next Friday.
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I start with an 80 grit flap disc on my angle grinder then I use my drill with 50 mm round sanding discs . I start with 150 grit then go through the following Grits 240-400-800 Then once I get to the following Grits I use a small squirt of WD-40 1200-1500-2000-2500-3000. The WD40 helps to lubricate the discs and stops the sanding disk binding up with the metal powder . Then after that I use my buffer wheel on my bench grinder to get a perfect mirrored finish on it??????.

I keep all my steel and cast iron pieces and I give them to my friend and once he gets about a tonne from me and his own collecting he takes that to the scrapyard and sells it then he buys some beer and comes over to my house and we make a night of it.
No My friend doesn’t have a YouTube channel he just scraps metal in his spare time.
Bullet Melting – Lead Brass Bullet Solid Alloy – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD


39 Replies to “Bullet Melting – Lead Brass Bullet Solid Alloy – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD”

  1. Hello again all my friends👋🏻 back again for another weekly melt with the #1 scrap melting Muppet himself BigStackD. So sit back relax and turn your brain off and check out this video and most importantly have yourself an awesome weekend😁

  2. scrappy doo says:

    Id say that you probably have hardened lead thats alloyed with zinc or similar

  3. Acts like new fishing weight's they now we were alloys to them.

  4. 29lpk says:

    Find puzzle 🧩 moulds and make a puzzle haha that would be sick to see

  5. John B says:

    @bigstackD Casting can't you sweat the lead off of that alloy by heating it up and keeping the temp under 350°C? The lead will fall to the bottom and the harder metal probably a mix of brass and copper will remain solid.

  6. Hej, cześć 👋☺

  7. Happy New Year, Man! Keep right on melting 😎

  8. Happy New years!!!!!!!!!! May 2021 bring you a million more subscribers. I hope 2021 os a very rich year for you.

  9. Great Leader says:

    You made what's known as a leaded copper.

  10. ✌️🔥👍❤️💪

  11. 34THINFANTRY says:

    You should cast yourself a really cool bottle opener! That would be really cool, and really useful.

  12. Get its mass in grams and divided by its volume in milliliters to calculate its density. That will tell you what metal it is mostly made of. The green flame tells me its copper and the pinkish flame is probably strontium.

  13. KM E says:

    Happy New Year to everyone and here's hoping that 2021 will treat you a lot better. 🎊🎉🎈

  14. Joan Sena says:

    Guys, let's pay respect to this legendary crucible .

  15. That Bullet Melt was very Interesting as it looked like it was NOT pure Lead at all – Your Treasure Trove is growing by the Minute – we love all Your Videos – very,very cool !!!! Cheers from us in Queensland and wishing You a Happy and Healthy 2021 !!!!

  16. Alan Ely says:

    Looking at the broken one why not make a puzzle ?

  17. i just came back to this channel and forgot you speed everything up so my high ass thought you were tweaking

  18. Happy New Year!!!

  19. Adam Bloke says:

    Best way to deal with bullets is to heat them in a big pan over a burner. Lead melts, and all of the copper jackets and everything else just float up on the surface

  20. GOLLA VIVEK says:

    Please melt glass

  21. worldrenown says:

    Make a solid brass kermit the frog

  22. Adam Bloke says:

    You’ve probably got some bullets there that a a lead-antimony alloy. This is a harder lead they use in some bullets and has a melting point of around 700c

  23. I guess your ingot is made of brass, copper, and lead. That was quite interesting to see the outside start to cool and have part of the middle run out. Love the videos as always. Where was your other baby today?

  24. Owen Yeates says:

    Aztec coin looks really cool. Lots of details an a fine texture.

  25. kel Robins says:


  26. Just a question and like if you want this as well when will you speak?

  27. perhaps you might casting lead into fishing weight moulds?

  28. Jake says:

    Would it make sense to run the material to be melted through a cleaner first to decrease the amount of skimming later? also, I thought guns were illegal in Austrailia!

  29. Ever figure out what that bar was made of? Love the way the triple skulls turned out in two pieces!

  30. ber0006 says:

    Bloody hell do you reckon you got the lead hot enough 🤣🤣

  31. Sid Colwell says:

    First off Happy New Year. Have you ever had a crucible break in the forge or while pouring? Take care. 👍👍🇺🇸🇦🇺

  32. DrZarkloff says:

    That was some very unusual range scrap. It should've take only a stove burner to melt the lead. My guess is that you melted the copper jackets in with the lead core.

  33. Happy new year 😁😁