Create Your Own Mouse Jiggler with a Digispark & Arduino [Tutorial]

January 29, 2021 by 20 Comments

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Keep Computers from Sleeping with a Mouse Jiggler
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 208

When taking down a hacker, the first thing police usually do is plug in a mouse jiggler to the suspect’s computer to prevent it from locking. Using a Digispark microcontroller, we can create a device that, when plugged in, moves the mouse just enough to keep the screen from locking. While it’s most handy for that purpose, it could also be adjusted for a computer prank.

Some Digispark options:

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20 Replies to “Create Your Own Mouse Jiggler with a Digispark & Arduino [Tutorial]”

  1. 06_8B says:


  2. Jc López says:

    Notification squaaad 🔥🔥

  3. You sure do love those micro controllers…. lol

  4. Can it be remotely activated?

  5. Bimiki says:

    Fricking law enforcement that’s one reason I like my Samsung phone if you need to you can just hold vol down and power for 8/9 seconds and fully whipe it before they pull everyone out of the car and start taking their stuff

  6. auto117666 says:

    Great video. In the past I found it cumbersome using the Teensy board. The Digimouse code looks much easier to deal with.
    I’ve found that in windows, sending the scroll lock key will keep the screen saver from activating.

  7. Dan Lacher says:

    From the blue team perspective, using tools to monitor for specific USB types is a grreat counter measure.

  8. Why so complicated? You can do that with Energieoptions on each System or you can do that with few lines of code on Software Basis. I dont understand why i need it on Hardware Basis.

  9. abo says:

    That's why we always tell our customers to lock their computers as soon as they leave the workplace. If they forget and we notice, we send a mail from their computer to several colleagues saying that he or she is delivering a pizza and a coke for free 🙃

  10. Can this be configured so it identifies as an expected device? Say the target normally uses Dell hardware. Can this be configured to appear like a Dell mouse? I'm looking at this from a postmortem forensic review. The event history would show some random device being connected.

  11. Alyx-Fao says:

    I just found out about these a day or two ago. I was like "okay wtf is a jiggler"

  12. ctrl alt delete || windows L || menu lock screen

  13. m.nageh says:

    Maaan where is the esp evil twinnn already! !!!!!

  14. pi-duino says:

    LOOSE THE CRAPPY MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. jeffp565 says:

    Let’s be honest here… a mouse jiggler has nothing to do with security… it’s so lazy people working from home can appear online all day long if they aren’t there.