EASY IRON FARM TUTORIAL! | Early / Mid Game, Minecraft Java 1.16+

January 11, 2021 by 36 Comments

looking for an easy iron farm? look no more because this is the one for you! this iron farm is easier to set up than your typical iron farm that is in the sky & still has decent rates as well as being fully automatic. this farm is works off of iron golem ai. this is a minecraft java edition only farm. it’s an original design.

0:00 – intro to farm
1:20 – materials
2:10 – placement
2:55 – cells
6:00 – golem bye bye
8:22 – villagers
11:37 – zombie
13:48 – other things

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36 Replies to “EASY IRON FARM TUTORIAL! | Early / Mid Game, Minecraft Java 1.16+”

  1. wattles says:

    The rates of this farm are NOT AS GOOD as my other one. The benefit of this farm is the fact that it can be placed on the ground & is a bit easier to set up. If youre going for better rates check the other farm! There’s a card in the video for it.

  2. Angelos Life says:

    Hey wattles im 11 today if you commented on my old video it will mean a lot

  3. wattle boi says:

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR WOTTLES TO MAKE ANOTHER IRON FARM VIDEO! I love early game farms, but I never can seem to find one for early-game. What I normally do is just make a tree, and go underneath it near a village, and shoot iron gollems with a bow.

  4. V.K.S. says:

    This only works fo———
    Bedrock players : RIP

  5. Rime of Time says:

    Thank you Wattles I literally just started a hardcore world and wanted to use your old iron farm but this is more early game so im making this one. THANK YOU Wattles. Stonks

  6. its perfect for early game aka me with full diamond armour

  7. MadWho22 says:

    Not a fan of the new skin but it helped me thano you

  8. This work on Nintendo Switch?

  9. Marcel says:

    I didnt know iron farms could be this easy! thanks wattles!

  10. Me: Want To See Wattles Reply To My Comment?
    Wattles: Probably Won't See This Comment Guaranteed.
    Also Me: Will Definitely Ruin My Birthday?
    Also Wattles: Probably Doesn't Care.
    Also Again Me: Will Cry Whole Day.

  11. killer. tn says:

    Can you make an iron farm for bedrock édition

  12. ####### says:

    12:58 zombies can't actually pick up the items if they are spawned with a zombie spawn egg but they can pick up the items if they are spawned using summon comand.

  13. "This farm does not work for you, don't build it"
    Bedrock players: 😞

  14. is it possible to stack iron farms? i mean like put one right on top of the other or will it not work

  15. Roni Delman says:

    @wattles do a bedrock iron farm

  16. _Poke_ says:

    Ah yes 16 minutes after the video uploaded

  17. Boomer98 says:

    I built a similar design on a server with a chunk loader so the thing is running 24/7 and it's producing totally enough for me

  18. The best videos ever and tutorials

  19. I really enjoy your videos because they help me to stay alive in my minecraft world ☺️

  20. When will you do a bedrock iron farm wattles? Love your vids btw

  21. Ham ster says:

    Wattles what if u just count out 8 blocks and put a water source around the lava pit would that work?

    Simple fix perhaps?

  22. tH4MMU says:

    Hey wattles why can't we set up water from all the sides on the ground so tht we can push iron golems into lava and use some fence gate to stop water flowing into lava …….
    Pls reply

  23. Make TNT fling machin in the nether and you are going to find nethrite

  24. Can you do more bedrock tutorials, maybe gold farm? Thank you for being amazing!

  25. Hay wattles when Mojang makes a feature of making an iron farm, can you make a video about it.

    "Subscribe and like"

  26. Eli Lewis says:

    Perfect timing. Was about to do one of these

  27. Lol wattles I was watching your iron farm last night and I wake up to a new one 😂

  28. Ragex Tico says:

    Java players have it easy😒

  29. Panda tech says:

    I thought we are gonna get wool farm episode

  30. Am i the only one who has no sound

  31. What video does the fixes of the first Iron farm happen in?