January 31, 2021 by 35 Comments

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35 Replies to “fashion.”

  1. Main Channel so almost ready.
    Looks like this:
    Couple more days.
    Yes you've heard that one before.

  2. KirbyFan277 says:

    That ad is easily the greatest YouTube sponsor ad of all time.

  3. Waaaaaa new episode. I will kill my self enother day!!

  4. That sneaky little section after the ad at the end, quite genius

  5. The SektorZ says:

    – "Who do you think the world needs to talk about?"
    – Versace whaman: (Uuuh, who are we marketing this sh*t to again?) "Women."
    – "Who do you think is the greatest person alive who ever lived ever?"
    – Versace whaman: (Women like me, of course. Me, actually.) "Women."

  6. thekornrole says:

    really looking forward to the GME Video

  7. Fluxey says:

    absolute gold

  8. You’re editor needs a pay rise my guy. What an epi

  9. Nasir Bello says:

    Full release of Versace rap when?

  10. TheFaTeOf says:

    I swear I could watch an entire video of your ads. More entertaining than most youtube videos.

  11. New video. "Wooooooh, Yeah Baby! That's what I've been waiting for, that's what it's all about. Wooooooo!"

  12. Borna BB says:

    How the fuck do advertisement companies allow these ads lol

  13. The question of this video is should you forgive the waiter for tripping on your earbuds?

  14. OK. I'm sold. I'm buying Raycon using the URL. That ad was just too good.

  15. MrLeeFTW says:

    Can you please make a compilation of your adverts? I would watch that on repeat forever.

  16. James BAXTER says:

    8:06 probably some of the best clairvoyance I’ve ever seen

  17. S160 2jayZee says:

    6:056:10 played at half speed sounds absolutely diabolical LMAO

  18. pablo jansen says:

    Honey wake up, Internet Historian Incognito Mode uploaded

  19. Lokii says:

    What is fashion

  20. 13:37 i have underwear with the exact same desing

  21. tozarkt says:


    (also, would an "in the quarantine" video about superheroes be an idea?)

  22. CakeWasTaken says:

    i just wanted to say hello there you lovely degenaretes

  23. Notthe Bees says:

    I'm impatiently waiting for a main channel video about Gamestop/Wallstreetbets, it's got to be the biggest internet event ever

  24. I love how IH completely loses it and sounds like a Gibbon

  25. "I'm a rapist" got me dieing.

  26. Icyboydeath says:


  27. "a sheep? Oh yeah, I definitely painted those before, don't worry"

  28. Newby Ton says:

    Is this the facism thing people are always crazy about?

  29. kabalan20 says:

    Military fashion talk and the Nazis aren't brought up smh Hugo Boss rollin in his grave

  30. I live for those ads

  31. This is an honest historical channel

  32. Rickbane says:

    Some sick rapist beats.