Fettuccine Alfredo – You Suck at Cooking (episode 121)

Fettuccine Alfredo, as invented by Alfred Di Lelio in 1908, consists of pasta, butter, and parmesan. While it’s said he made it for his wife who wasn’t eating after giving birth, the truth is more likely that Mr. Alfredo had a cheese and butter addiction. While we may never know the ugly truth, we can continue to enjoy this delicious pasta dish one deadly bite at a time.

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.5 parts pasta to
.25 parts butter to
.25 parts parmesan

Cook the pasta, strengthen your wrists, and then do all the things.

The original recipe called for parmesan aged 24 months, which is a young parmesan. I used one aged 36 months so it would taste slightly wiser. Don’t even both trying to make the original noodles. It’s WAY above your pay grade.


22 Replies to “Fettuccine Alfredo – You Suck at Cooking (episode 121)”

  1. what was schifoso was the italian in the beginning

  2. CrIMson Red says:

    “Butter fetish”

    Italy eggsplaaaaaainnnnn!!!

  3. as an italian i was pleasantly surprised by the intro

  4. Tip for microwaving butter: turn down the power to 50%

  5. The translation in the begging is way off

  6. You know, after one month, I realized this is actually Buttered Noodles with a heart attack of parmesan. I’m not crazy right?

  7. Anna Wight says:

    Mentally balanced boil 😂

  8. Legit Name says:

    Could’ve sworn I heard bastion’s soundtrack for a second there

  9. Tip from an italian, put the parmisan crust in the microwave for some time and enjoy eating it.

  10. I seriously dont know if he's joking or if you actually dump the equivalent of three cans of parmesan cheese into this

  11. PSA butter is not bad for you

  12. E O says:

    Tried this recipe. It was really good

  13. Sam Brode says:

    “Pretend you’re 22 and single”
    – My bf 4 months ago

  14. Am Daav says:

    Wait , no Alferdo song?

  15. Fettuccine Alfredo. Not to be confused with Fellatio on Alfred.

  16. I love this video beyond my own comprehension.

  17. Sotto L'Etna says:

    Speaking to the masses, eh? Ugh.

  18. matimo says:

    I ate this today now I can see me on Google Maps

  19. Sama Afifi says:


  20. Thomas Ryan says:

    Hahahaha, that days left of your life calendar is way too long. I can personally guarantee you can just throw out the last 700 pages or so

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