It’s time to talk about my synth setup.

January 29, 2021 by 28 Comments

I’ve put off talking about this stack of synthesizers, drum machines, and audio gear for long enough. Let’s dive into the main LGR synth setup and what I do with it! I’m still an amateur with this but here’s a bit of a studio tour anyway. Weird electronic music and cool sounds of all kinds, I just can’t get enough!

● Take a look at my eurorack modules here:

● LGR links:

● Download a folder of the photos and videos here:

● Music courtesy of:

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28 Replies to “It’s time to talk about my synth setup.”

  1. As an electronic music maker myself, I'd love to hear some proper full length recordings of yours! Very curious

  2. PM says:

    The reason I bought my first 386sx PC was to run Cakewalk for DOS to run my synths.

  3. We need a new channelformat: LGR Synths

  4. Rackbone says:

    is there anything greater than a 303

  5. alfr83 says:

    I didn't know clint went LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER that far !

  6. skmetal7 says:

    DJ LGR! Awesome, I love it. Have you checked out the teenage engineering op-1? Also, mr. carlsons lab can fix those scopes for you!

  7. John Smith says:

    Man that Winamp logo takes me back

  8. galier2 says:

    Tangerine dream.

  9. anew742 says:

    A period in the title? This is gonna be serious lol

  10. LGR : The Album

    If you release it, we will buy.

  11. Kyle Nied says:

    I like your funny sounds, music man.

  12. Dood. Seriously awesome. Look up Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb, you might be the next one of them 🙂

  13. Jason Doe says:

    I'm really not into electronic music, but that stuff is THE COOLEST! Maybe I should be, haha.

    Awesome video, Clint!

  14. karlwesslau says:

    Welcome to the DAW-less heaven!

  15. holy bleep this is bada**!

  16. Have a look a Red Means Recording and Look mum no computer.
    Great vid Clint, that's a crazy set-up!

  17. I could watch 3 hours of a livestream just you goofing around with that setup, dude! 💜 🏳️‍🌈

  18. I love ambient weirdness and strange noises. Moar plz.

  19. Mik3l24 says:

    Huh, I totally did not expect you to be into modular… That's some neat noises!
    And… I've recently started getting into hardware synths too! I'm kinda wondering right now what Eurorack case should I get, so it's affordable and not too bulky but also future-proof and figuring out why my Moog Mother 32 doesn't want to correctly sync to a MIDI clock… (cause I like M32's sequencer and I want to use it with my DAW… seriously, why doesn't it work?!)

  20. "I'm just experimenting with sounds" this is, how many music legends were born.

  21. Super mario synth fart music. A m-ass-terpiece.

  22. bananamaniac says:

    Dude, you got TALENT

  23. Incredible setup! You collected in a year almost the half of bloopy machines I did in ten years 😂 Loved the modular synth improv!

  24. I like it just because it has some amazing lights.

  25. Namlese says:

    News: Lgr drops YouTube career to start his path as an electronic musician

  26. mr.N3CR0 says:

    So when does the album drop Clint? That is some SERIOUSLY FUNKY music 😀