LGR Oddware – HP Mobile Camera for PDAs

January 22, 2021 by 30 Comments

In 2003 Hewlett-Packard released the Photosmart Mobile Camera for iPaq Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile. And the entire thing is on an SD card! Or more specifically SDIO. It’s got a 1.3 megapixel sensor, 4x digital zoom, manual focus with macro, and a surprising bit of versatility for such a tiny device.

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30 Replies to “LGR Oddware – HP Mobile Camera for PDAs”

  1. Nate Newman says:

    I never could afford one of those. I had a few pocket PCs. Most had SD and CF. I wanted both. But SDIO was cool. I used CF early on for WiFi, and GPS. I had a fake SD card I used in my iPaq that worked fine on it. But nothing else would read it. Naturally I didn’t know it was fake when I bought it. I think it was either 512 MB or 1GB.

  2. ThePoxun says:

    Not sure why you would need redeye correction given there is no flash to cause redeye in the first place…

  3. The video quality is still better than most modern bank security cameras……

  4. m0viefanatic says:

    I wish people would send me their stuff for free 😆
    It's always weird when finding stuff that's obsolete today. It's like entering a time machine. I recently got into MiniDisc (thanks Techmoan), and now that I have a few players, I don't know what to do with them, but I always wanted one when they still were current, but could never afford one. Now I'm an adult and can do whatever the f*** I want 😊

  5. G. U. says:

    Taking a selfie in 2021 with a PDA/SD Card Camera combo from 2003. Incredible.

  6. You thought this was a regular SD card, but it was I SDIO!

  7. Neat; it's actually not awful, performance-wise.

  8. Megan A says:

    This would have been perfect for shooting video for RealPlayer.

  9. I had an iPaq back in the day and always wanted all the accessories but they were so expensive I just couldn't justify it. Love the videos, thanks for the nostalgia.

  10. PapaQ says:

    Honestly surprised at how decent the photos on that little camera are. Impressive for the time period.

  11. Askaly says:

    This is what all ufo and bigfoot sighting are filmed with

  12. TheWolfgabe says:

    Anyone else reminded of that one camera attachment for the PSP?

  13. The video this thing captures reminds me of bad FMV games like Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, or Psycho Killer.

  14. AC Mild says:

    Man that camera image quality/compression is much better compared to majority medium class smartphone camera quality these days.

  15. Alanna Lopez says:

    I couldn't possibly imagine a more fragile method to connect the little camera

  16. Yntense Info says:

    Looks like game screenshots, the quality is extremely good

  17. steler95 says:

    Awsome, a cool LGR vid just in time for my birthday, nice.

  18. Aiki says:

    Wow that really is not bad pictures at all for 1.3mp

  19. Good times! I’m so glad I sent this in, it’s good to see it being used and shown once more. Thanks for the shout out Clint!

  20. iLife64 says:

    My mother had a Kodak Easyshare One digital camera with had an SDIO wifi card. Imagine that, a wireless NIC within a SD card!

  21. That was great Clint. I am surprised the photos were as good as they were for 2003. Thank you.

  22. pixel sheep says:

    Love the aesthetic of late 90s, early 00s stuff. Cameras especially looked so cool!
    I gotta ask though, can you play Doom on it?

  23. Mike Sherry says:

    I see the Anticrist from Gods Must be Crazy finally got fixed.

  24. Graham M says:

    I kinda like the 160×120 video

  25. Nate Newman says:

    Clint, you’re making me miss and regret selling my iPaq now. lol. Ah installing CAB files. The sounds, low quality resistive touch screen. Those were the days.

  26. The image quality looks better than what I imagined it to be.

  27. Mike Herbst says:

    Had have a WiFi SIO Card for my XDA back in the day

  28. Seth Rivera says:

    Excellent to see the continuation of the video of the HP PDA that you presented that time.

  29. Remember when you got H1N1? Good ol days.

  30. Korpsaw says:

    You have one of the coolest voice tones ever. Your videos are all masterpieces man. Cheers!